- SOLUTION: Information Security Consultancy

- SECTOR: Telecom


"Innova consultants are very competent on the subject, and furthermore, they can give swift feedback due to this competency."

Kubilay Önder
TTNET Information Security Manager, 
ISO 27001 Project Manager

TTNET ISO 27001 Certification

Following the works in conducted with Innova, TTNET obtained the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Certificate, accepted throughout the world, in order to crown its works in the information security field.

This process, where all aspects of TTNET's information assets were carefully reviewed was completed in 1 year. After a successful inspection, TTNET obtained the ISO 27001 certificate, the most internationally accepted certificate in the Information Security field. TTNET Information Security Manager and ISO 27001 Project Manager Kubilay Önder stated that they used the year within which the project was conducted very well, and that they have performed very efficient co-operation with Innova. He noted his satisfaction with the project by saying "All Innova consultants in this project presented us with perfect service, just as if they were TTNET employees".

TTNET ISO 27001 Certification

"The process was perfectly completed"

In stating that they have passed through challenging times as a company and have carried out detailed planning for the whole year, Kubilay Önder said "We completed the project design period and the audit process after the project in a perfect way. We went through an inspection between June 14 and June 18, 2010 and obtained the right to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate. Within this one year period, TTNET's objectives and business processes were primarily determined. After that, all information assets were defined and classified."


Önder added: "Risk analyses and assessments of the controls on existing structures were completed. Weakness and leakage tests were conducted on several points. More than 50 documents were prepared, including security policies, standards, procedures, forms and guidelines. Finally, Innova consultants conducted the ISO27001 security inspections as a final rehearsal and all conditions were made suitable for the real inspection of the certification company. During these works, Innova's experienced security consultants, along with the CISSP, CISA, CEH, ISO27001 Lead Auditor and the ISO20000 Lead Auditor worked in the TTNET office continuously."


"We noticed our weak and strong aspects"

Önder noted that he found Innova employees to be constructive at all times within the project period and that the consultants working on this project had combined their experiences, knowledge and skills and shared them with TTNET, thereby raising awareness on some subjects that they had not noticed before. Önder added, "We noticed our weak and strong aspects related to security. We learned what to do in risky situations".


Önder went on to highlight that the Innova consultants that had served TTNET were always available for support, and he praised the service quality of Innova with the following words: "We always received correct answers to our questions. Innova was always there for us when we needed help. Innova consultants are very competent on the subject, and furthermore, they can give swift feedback due to this competency. These factors should not be overlooked in considering our success in the project".