- SOLUTION: Asset Management

- SECTOR: Telecom

The Turk Telekom Asset Management Project

In order to simplify Turk Telekom's data centre management, Innova launched the Turk Teleom Asset Management tablet application. Based on HP Asset Manager, the new system has made key processes avaible on a mobile platform.


Turk Telekom, Turkey’s leading communication and convergence technologies company, manages a significant proportion of the country’s technology infrastructure. The firm’s data centre includes countless servers and other components and works around the clock to provide uninterrupted services.


The Turk Telekom Asset Management Project

Turk Telekom Data Centre

Turk Telekom’s Tier III certified data centre is one of the largest such facilities in Turkey and managing it successfully is a key part of the company’s operations. In order to simplify this task, Innova, a member of the Turk Telekom Group, launched the Turk Telekom Asset Management tablet application, basing it on HP Asset Manager.


It is now possible to access daha centres from a mobile device, and installing updates has never been easier.

Thanks to these mobile technologies, Turk Telekom’s asset management processes can now be easily controlled from any location and without interruption. Once installed on tablet devices, the application displays usage rates of pods and cabinets and provides updates on location inventory.


One of the most challenging operational tasks performed in data centres is the tracking, listing and monitoring of cabinets, servers, server components and other assets. The bigger the data centre and the greater the number of systems and staff involved, the more difficult managing such a complex structure becomes.


The use of mobile technologies provides significant assistance for the task of ensuring continuous management and limiting the aforementioned challenges. The Turk Telekom Asset Management tablet application, developed by Innova with Turk Telekom’s specific needs in mind, also provides instant answers to the question of “which device is running and where?”


Instant tracking and access

It is vital for data centre staff to have instant access to inventory records and information on the location and status of server systems and components. The Turk Telekom Asset Management tablet application thus provides a continuous flow of up-to-date information even during transport and installation processes. The application also makes it possible to make any necessary updates during installation from a mobile device. In addition, it centralises the system, eliminating the need for data centre staff to make notes in different locations.