- SOLUTION: PayFlex Loyalty

- SECTOR: Telecom

System Integration Mobile Top Up Operations - Ukraine

Thanks to Innova's mobile device applications, all top-up operations belonging to six GSM operators have been gathered together in one place.

Six GSM operators selling credit from the same place


Thanks to Innova’s mobile device applications, street vendors in the Ukraine have begun to top up credit for prepaid phone services using mobile devices. The system, which works with six Ukrainian GSM operators, registers the sale instantly and also makes it easy for new operators to join. Street sellers can also manage their transactions with the mobile device. The J2ME-based mobile device application’s communication system is provided by the security infrastructure built on the PayFlex platform.


Services included in the system:

  • Mobile Client Application
  • Server Side Application
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Systems Integration
System Integration Mobile Top Up Operations - Ukraine