- SOLUTION: PayFlex Loyalty

- SECTOR: Telecom

Saudi Telecom Customer Loyalty Application

Saudi Telecom Company, largest in the Middle East, chose PayFlex Loyalty reward system for its subscribers.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC), implements a loyalty program for its subscribers, with reward points upon use of services. The reward points gained through the system can be used as cash points at member merchant outlets.


Innova has realized many large scale payment system projects in Turkey. The project for Saudi Telecom is no exception; subscribers can now use their reward points as cash in more than two thousand member merchants, thanks to the IT infrastructure by Innova.


STC’s former customer loyalty system, Qitaf, once a modest cash point reward system with paper coupons, is now a fully online program developed by Innova. The real time online loyalty program is fully integrated with STC’s existing systems and STC subscribers gain reward points instantly as they use their lines. In return for the points, the subscribers can use the points as cash at member outlets.

Saudi Telecom Customer Loyalty Application

Payment infrastructure by Innova

Innova provided a turnkey solution for the project including the design of infrastructure, software development, installing and operating the POS network to cover all of Saudi Arabia. This has been more than a solution provider position for Innova; beyond providing software and systems, Innova became a business partner for STC, generating revenue from each and every transaction.


System run by Innova

After a three year initial phase, the project is now into its second three-year period. With tech support from Innova offices in Istanbul and Ankara, a team based in Saudi Arabia is in charge of all operations to deliver the system to a wider base of subscribers. The sound infrastructure allowed incorporating numerous innovative applications such as collections and payments, mobile payments and cross-border fund transfers.


Innova is now a major business partner of Saudi Telecom Company following the implementation of the project.


About STC

Topping a USD 9,2 billion revenue in 2007, STC is the biggest telecoms operator in the Middle East with 17,8 million GSM, 5 million landline and 1 million broadband subscribers. STC group acquired 35% of Oger Telecom for USD 2,85 billion in 2008.

  • Increase customer loyalty through a reward program, based on points gained over subscriptions and offering cash equivalence at member business partners.
  • Innova PayFlex Loyalty
  • Reward points were exchanged for cash in more than two thousand merchants across Saudi Arabia
  • STC subscribers were rewarded with points immediately following any call through the online loyalty system, points redeemed as cash at member merchants
  • Increased customer loyalty