- SOLUTION: Payment System

- SECTOR: Telecommunication

Innova's dealer collection system deployed on Türk Telekom service points

Turkey's integrated telco giant Türk Telekom Group's dealer collection system has been upgraded into a faster and more secure architecture thanks to the advanced infrasturture developed by Innova's expertise. The new dealer collection system is iöplemented in over 5 thousand service points.

A Türk Telekom affliate, Innova tailored its industy-acknowledged PayFlex Dealer Management System in perfect sync and harmony with Türk Telekom’s internal systems – another fellow group company. The new Dealer Management System allows bill collection, top-up transactions, 3rd party unlimited company gift cards and e-coupons along with sales over credit card devices.The system also renders Türk Telekom’s activation procedures and transactions much easier.


The tailor-made, mobile compliant and user friendly interfaces ensure dealers access payment information, subscriber information and self-owned private information much faster than before. PayFlex Dealer Management System also allows online collection over the system into which 6 thousand physical POS devices are connected.

Innova's dealer collection system deployed on Türk Telekom service points

All dealer needs managed from a single point

An output of Innova’s expertise and innovation, PayFlex infrastructure enables dealers to complete collection for top-up transactions of pre-paid lines, bill, sale of devices and campaign products while promoting fast, secure and reliable access to Türk Telekom’s internal systems.


With Innova’s newly-implemented solution, Türk Telekom will strengthen communication with its distributors. The Dealer Hierarchy module brings thousands of Türk Telekom dealers and much bigger distributors together in a system where Türk Telekom sits atop, taking dealer network integration to a brand new level.

Fast and secure service delights customers

Türk Telekom’s PayFlex Dealer Management System integration will make sure recent Türk Telekom dealers new into the network will serve their customers with Türk Telekom’s signature service quality levels without any delay. This ensures highest levels of service quality for all customers, at all locations.


With PayFlex Dealer Management System, fast and secure collection systems now run integrated with many banks. What’s more, PayFlex Dealer Management System’s efficient authorization management system means Türk Telekom can gauge the performance of all dealers accurately, on an individual level.