- SOLUTION: PayFlex Payment

- SECTOR: Telecom

Innova Serves Pay-As-You-Go Customers in Northern Iraq from Istanbul

Innova is operating the top-up systems used by Northern Iraq's mobile phone subscribers from a data centre in Istanbul.

Innova, the leading information and communication technology solutions provider, continues to make the lives of customers in the Middle East easier, especially with the projects it has implemented in the area of telecommunications.


The fastest growing GSM operator in Northern Iraq, Korek Telecom, and its main distributor, Delta Communications, is working with Innova to enable its pay-as-you-go customers to top-up credit on their mobile phones. The most important aspect of this project is that all hardware and software infrastructure needed to operate the system is located in a data centre in Istanbul.

Innova Serves Pay-As-You-Go Customers in Northern Iraq from Istanbul

With this “Platform as a service” (PaaS) model, all the information reaches Innova’s data centre in Istanbul whenever pay-as-you-go customers in North Iraq top-up credit on their mobile phones from any reseller of Korek Telecom. While the top-up credit sale is realized in Northern Iraq, the process is carried out in Istanbul. This turnkey project supports both online and offline operations; hence Innova is providing the POS infrastructure used in Northern Iraq as well. As an alternative to POS infrastructure, Innova has also developed a more economical option, namely Mobile Phone Credit Sale: mobile applications that can be used by street vendors to top-up credit on mobile phones.


The region prefers Innova’s payment and collection systems

This “Platform as a service” (PaaS) project is an example of how Innova is serving customers in the region using its existing infrastructure in Turkey rather than building on premise systems. Northern Iraq and many countries in the region prefer Innova’s electronic payment and collection systems because the company has been the leading solution provider in the region for a long time.