- SOLUTION: Innova E-bill Application

- SECTOR: Telecom

“The proportion of our customers who opt to use the e-bill service has already reached 90%. This has already resulted in significant savings in printing and paper costs. But our real achievement has been saving billions of trees.”

Bilal Çankaya 
TTNET Billing Services Manager

E-bill: TTNET's Environmental Solution

TTNET, Turkey's largest Internet provider, used Innova's e-billl to go paperless, saving billions of trees and dramatically reducing its printing costs.

The system, which presents bills to customers electronically, was executed in cooperation with Innova and stands out as a truly environmentally friendly solution. The green initiative also brought great cost savings to the company, while its customers were given an easier way to monitor their spending.


The e-bill system automatically creates a virtual mailbox for all TTNET customers, and bills are sent out as soon as they are generated. TTNET customers can access their mailbox at www.ttnet.com.tr by entering their ADSL and PSTN numbers and are then able to see their last six month’s worth of bills.

E-bill: TTNET's Environmental Solution

E-bill has saved billions of trees by reducing paper use by 60 tonnes per billing cycle.

Innova also provided the email and SMS alert infrastructure that is built into the electronic billing system. The solution, which is named the ‘TTNET e-bill portal,’ eliminates common problems like bills being lost or delayed by the postal system and the potential consequences of added interest for late payments or lines being cut off.