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Trabzon European Youth Olympic Festival 2011

Innova, the leading expert in systems integration for sporting events was one of the IT providers for the 2011 European Youth Olympic Festival.

EYOF 2011, held in the rapidly developing northern Turkish city of Trabzon, played host to 4,000 athletes from 49 countries. A key part of the IT infrastructure for the festival was provided by Innova’s cutting-edge end-to-end solutions and services.


The flawless infrastructure allowed the games to go ahead without a glitch, particularly thanks to Innova’s Games Management System, which oversaw most of the products and services needed for the event, from hardware to software, mobile applications to scoreboard displays.

Trabzon European Youth Olympic Festival 2011

Innova had already received praise for the games management system it established using entirely local resources for the Erzurum Universiade of 2011. For EYOF 2011 Innova went a step further, this time also deploying mobile applications. The game management system acts as the brain behind the efficient handling of multiple sports venues, providing automatic support for the needs of athletes, officials, volunteers and the event’s management committee.


Innova also took care of every aspect of the network infrastructure and scoring systems for the festival’s nine sports, which included athletics, cycling and gymnastics competitions. The company set up a data centre to distribute all relevant information about the festival, and to manage every part of the IT systems created for the event. To avoid potential disturbances due to data loss, Innova also ensured that its systems were backed up in a different city. Finally, Innova also handled all the scoring systems and scoreboards used in the festival’s venues and transmitted scoring data to home audiences following the games via TV broadcasts and the Internet.

EYOF 2011 by numbers
  • 9 Sports (swimming, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, basketball, handball, volleyball, judo and tennis)
  • 4,000 Athletes
  • 49 countries
  • 1,500 hardware components
  • 300 scoring and timing devices