- SOLUTION: Application Kiosk

- SECTOR: Public

DNRD Self-Service Visa Application Kiosks

Foreigners to work in Dubai can now apply for a visa in minutes, thanks to self-service application devices by Kiosk Innova.

Prior to the project, foreigners were limited to ten downtown branch offices of DNRD (Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department), a division of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Internal Affairs handling applications, the intense amount of work was overwhelming, sometimes extending the application and evaluation period up to fifteen days. Aside from a prolonged wait, the applicant’s passport was kept by DNRD, leaving almost no chance for any commercial initiative. DNRD tackled the issue with an exclusive solution from Turkey’s leader in kiosk production: Innova.


The kiosks were developed to deliver a one-stop solution: The applicant files and inquires the result of his / her application right on the same kiosk. Once the preliminary approval is granted, the self-service device issues a ticket with the visa confirmation code, which the applicant can submit to any DNRD office to obtain a visa – without having to wait in line.

DNRD Self-Service Visa Application Kiosks

Foreigners can submit visa applications to DNRD in a matter of minutes

Self Service visa application kiosk

Dubai is renowned globally with monumental projects that started in the 2000s. Now the foremost commercial and touristic capital of the Middle East, Dubai now hit the 2 million mark of population, with majority being foreigners. The eventual result is tens of thousands applying for a work and/or residence permit and the number of applicants is rising by the day. The state regulatory office, DNRD, is face to face with a workload increasing, also by the day.


There are ten downtown offices of DNRD, that every foreigner had to file an application and sometimes wait for up to fifteen days before getting any further with a visa or permit. An express application would be concluded in two days at best, still without a solution to a key problem: The applicant’s passport had to be held at the office and meanwhile one could not conduct any business or commercial initiative.


Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) received a helping hand from Innova, Turkey’s leader in kiosk production. The tailor-made solution by Kiosk Innova developed the self-service devices that narrowed the visa requests to DNRD into minutes.


All-in-one device

The device captures a photograph, scans the fingerprint and the passport of the applicant along with biometric data to render all identity information. Visa fees and other charges are collected through the cash or credit card units on the device, directly into DNRD’s account. Upon completion, all necessary documentation is provided via the on-board (built-in) printer in the kiosk, capable of secure printing and delivering official documentation.


The applicant can conduct his / her inquiry through the same kiosk as well. If the application is approved, the self-service device issues a ticket with a visa approval code, which the applicant can submit to any DNRD office to obtain a visa – without having to wait in line.