- INSTITUTION: Ministry of Youth  and Sports

- SOLUTION: App Development

- SECTOR: Public

2013 Mersin Games Portal Project

With the portal project of Innova, 17th Mersin Mediterranean Games transformed into a giant organization that has reached millions of people every day.


The 17th of the Mediterranean Games, organized every four years and bringing together hundreds of athletes from different cultures in the “Olympic culture”, was held in June 2013 in Mersin and Adana. During the 2013 Mersin 17th Mediterranean Games, a web portal introduced and operated by Innova was launched on June 20, that published all kinds of information from the event calendar to instant competition information, race scores and athlete profiles.

As a result of competitions in 31 branches in 37 different facilities in Mersin and Adana, 855 gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to successful athletes. The 17th Mediterranean Games hosted thousands of athletes from 24 countries.


The web portal project required by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the General Directorate of Sports for the sharing of information throughout the activities, was successfully completed by Innova with the application development team and was effectively used before, during and after the Games. With this project carried out in cooperation with the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG), 20 million visitors had access to all information related to the event.


With the portal and mobile applications developed by Innova, 20 million visitors had non-stop access to event and competition information


Innova experience in sports games

In the 2013 Mersin 17th Mediterranean Games portal project, Innova turned its experience gained through portal projects realized in Erzurum Winter Games and Trabzon European Youth Olympic Games held in 2011, into an advantage. In the project realized within the scope of the 17th Mediterranean Games organized by the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG), the web interface created with the determined visual design was combined with the content shaped with the information coming from sports competitions and brought the portal to life. During the project process, the changes requested by the coordinatorship and the allocation of internet infrastructure were performed by Innova.


Information flow to 20 million users per day

This portal, which responded to 20 million user accesses a day, had actively served all visitors during the 13-day events. During this time everyone had information about the time and place of every event, how many athletes from which country were participating, how the competition would affect the rankings etc., easily through the portal.


Which completion and where?

The audience needed such a portal to follow the games that were organized at 37 different facilities in a wide area, including Mersin, Adana, Tarsus and Erdemli. The general information about the facilities also included maps to pinpoint the exact location of the facilities and calculate the distances between them. This way, viewers had the chance to watch the events on-site by creating their own activity schedules days before.


The first step to accreditation

In such major events, accreditation is important in terms of ensuring security and helping staff perform their duties effectively…  The first step for the volunteers and staff to be involved in the 17th Mediterranean Games to be accredited by the event management started on the portal. Participants and media members who participated in the events were directed to accreditation centers through the portal. Accreditation application forms of the athletes were also provided through the portal.







2013 Mersin Games Portal Project

Every sports branch with all details

One of the important features of the portal was to include all kinds of technical information for the viewers who are not familiar with sports. For example, the person to watch a Bocce competition for the first time was able to access the portal and obtain all the information about this sport. The terminology and the rules of the game were explained extensively on the pages of sports branches.


Mersin 2013 mobile app

The web portal could not be useful for the audience that would be in constant motion during the event and would move between facilities. The portal had to be easily accessible from smartphones and tablets with a mobile solution. For this reason, Innova developed mobile applications that can be easily used on Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry devices and took the comfort of content access to the next level.

With the mobile application, the viewers were able to access all the information on the web portal fully and quickly, no matter where they were. Able to access the features of the facilities and the general fixture with a few touches, visitors could easily access the information categorized by country and sport branch, and have access to all competition results instantly and without interruption.


Portal security by Türk Telekom...

One of the most important stages of the portal project was to ensure portal security, because the event was the gateway to the world and international access was provided. Firewall was set up and attack prevention devices were installed for the servers of the portal, which were directly linked to the coordinationship.

Turk Telekom, Turkey's first Tier3 certified data center (TTDC) stepped in for this purpose. TTDC's server hosting service and firewall service created the backbone of the project to create a complete security circle.


To prepare a portal that provides up-to-date, accurate and complete information to the web visitors about the competitions during the 17th Mediterranean Games.

  • Innova App Development
  • A portal open to access by 20 million users and easily managed from a single center has been launched.
  • Mobile applications were created for all popular platforms to access portal contents from mobile devices.
  • Seamless information flow and portal operation were provided during the event.
  • Innova added another one to its references in the field of sporting events.