- SOLUTION: HP Network and Operations Manager

- SECTOR: Manufacturing & Services


“When we look at where we are with the project today, I can certainly say that it was the right decision to work with Innova. Completing each step of the project to such tight deadlines required significant experience, which they were able to provide. We established a strong and close-knit synergy with Innova.”

Gökhan Dağhan 
Yesim Tekstil IT Director

Yesim Tekstil ERP Project

Yesim Tekstil, implemented Oracle's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications with Innova's assistance and gained a significant advantage in a fiercely competitive sector.

Yesim Tekstil makes products for many well-known international brands, including Nike, Gap, Burberry and Zara. Including its subcontractors, Yesim Tekstil employs over 10,000 staff and is competing on the world stage in order to preserve its leading position in the clothing manufacturing sector.


When the company decided to implement a large-scale transformation of its production facilities, it realised that software products used by different areas of its business were not linked to each other sufficiently and that this was creating unnecessary work. After reflecting on this problem, the company decided to restructure its business processes by using the ERP solution. When it came to implementing the system, Yesim Tekstil chose Innova due to its vast experience with ERP projects.


The implementation of the Oracle E-Business Suite gave the business the ability to produce data reports more quickly, thus strengthening strategic decision-making mechanisms. In addition, data is now entered into the system more regularly and with a significant reduction in working time. Both these factors contribute to an increase in productivity.

Yesim Tekstil ERP Project

Yesim Tekstil’s ERP transformation on its 25th anniversary

Yesim Tekstil and its subcontractors have a staff of 10,000 people working to supply garments to globally famous brands like Nike, Gap, Burberry, Banana Republic, JC Penney and Zara. To protect its position and compete globally Yesim Tekstil is leading the sector by following the latest developments and adopting the most innovative solutions.


The management believes in IT

About four years ago Yesim Tekstil changed its strategic direction in this increasingly competitive market by finding a new way to stand out from the competition. Yesim Tekstil’s IT Director Gokhan Dogan explains, “In order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors we focused on productivity and efficiency. In our production we have significant levels of automation and computer managed systems. The management believes we’ll get results through these systems and that’s why we invest heavily in such technologies.”


Having studied all the alternatives, Yesim Tekstil decided that the Oracle E-Business Suite would be the right system to meet the needs of their global operations.


The project’s first step was to reorganise priority processes such as finance, inventory and procurement management under the control of the system. A strict timeframe of four months was set for the completion of this project. A project team of 30 consultants from Innova and Yesim Tekstil used this time very efficiently and managed to complete the project on target.


While reflecting on the achievement of meeting this deadline, Mr Dogan highlights how Yesim Tekstil overcame all of the difficulties it faced thanks to assistance provided by Innova: “With these kinds of projects the software and business processes need to run side by side and we therefore really benefited from Innova’s technical consultancy services. Innova’s experience in this area has undoubtedly proved highly valuable.”


A central management

Mr Dogan says that even the completion of the first phase of the project was enough to create added value within the company’s production processes, something which resulted in significant time savings. He thus stresses how the decision to work with Innova has turned out to be a very good one.