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Ukraine Mobile Loto Application

Ukrainians who want to play the "Super Loto" and "Loto Maxima" lottery games on their mobile phones can now download the Mobile Loto Java application simply bt sending a free text message.

The infrastructure behind this innovative new application has been provided by Innova’s PayFlex platform. With it, the Mobil Loto application not only increases the variety of lottery games but also offers greater simplicity by paying winnings through the system. After playing the game by SMS, winners can collect smaller prizes directly through their mobile phones, thus reducing the number of transactions involved in winnings distribution.


If users playing the games via the Mobile Lottery application have a winning combination of numbers, any winnings under a certain amount are instantly wired into their mobile accounts. Winners of bigger prizes need to apply to the Ukrainian National Lottery offices in person, taking with them their mobile phone with the java application installed in order to authenticate their electronic lottery ticket.

Ukraine Mobile Loto Application

The application allows Ukrainian players to enjoy the popular Süper Loto and Loto Maxima games on their phones by simply requesting the download of a Java application through an SMS. In addition, the movement of money between the three institutions involved in operating the lottery in Ukraine and players can be carried out securely.