- SOLUTION: Oracle E-Business Suite

- SECTOR: Manufacturing & Services


"Our colleagues at Innova worked very hard to submit the project by the deadline. There were not many examples of the Oracle Project Management application in Turkey. That is why it was a significant advantage for us to benefit from Innova's experience."

Özlem Demirel 
Türk Loydu IT Manager

Türk Loydu ERP Project

Türk Loydu, which aimed to bring together the IT operational and support unit applications under one roof and thus use its resources more efficiently, worked with Innova to bring the Oracle E-Business Suite application to life.

Türk Loydu is a National Certification and Conformity Assessment Organization founded in 1962 by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, Chamber of Naval Engineers with the support of Association of the Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey. Türk Loydu, which works in the areas of conformity assessment and inspection activities in many industries -- with the naval industry being at the top of their list -- employs approximately 120 inspectors and subject matter experts. Eighty percent of the staff at Türk Loydu are engineers in various disciplines and the company successfully provides conformity assessment services in a wide range of industries, from food to automotive; ship building to machinery production and tourism to education.


The real goal of Türk Loydu was to bring together the IT applications used in operational and support units into a single database and application, thereby enabling the company management to access and analyze the data more efficiently. The company was hoping to use its resources more efficiently and increase the quality of the services provided to customers.

Türk Loydu ERP Project

Türk Loydu IT Manager Özlem Demirel states that among the applications they examined, Oracle E-Business Suite had the most suitable infrastructure that would meet their needs with its self-service expenses module, timetable entries and opportunity to follow up on project profitability, adding that they also preferred Oracle due to its internationality and the quality of post-sales support services.


We are using our resources more efficiently

The project started back in August 2005 with a team of 10 from Türk Loydu and 8 from Innova. After an intense period of work, the project was launched in January 2006. Demirel explains why they preferred Innova for the application of the project: "Innova was initially suggested by Oracle as a business partner for the Türk Loydu project. Innova worked to the advantage of Türk Loydu while working on the project; therefore we continued working with Innova afterwards. The project had to be completed within a very limited time period and we wanted to activate all modules before entering the new fiscal year. Our colleagues at Innova worked very hard to submit the project by the deadline. There were not many examples of the Oracle Project Management application in Turkey. That is why it was a significant advantage for us to benefit from Innova's experience."


Demirel underlines that they were very pleased with how the Innova team shared their experience on functional and technical issues both during and after the project and were accessible at all times: "We have been using the application for nearly three years now. The point of reference for such projects is data analysis... You need to have a certain amount of data in your database, especially if you want to get precise results in terms of project management. Therefore, I believe that we've currently reached a very good point. We have a total of three years' of accurate data at hand. It has been a real advantage for us to have this infrastructure so that we can use our resources more efficiently at a time of global economic crisis. We better understand the value of the IT infrastructure we have today. It is also a great advantage for top management to be able to determine the efficiency of our projects, to analyze how efficiently we use our resources and the amount and direction of resources allocation."


Integration of ERP with the Internet portal

Türk Loydu's goals are not limited to Turkey alone. It is a company that aims to be a global player and in line with this goal wants to have high standards of information technologies. Demirel states that they would like to continue working with Innova in projects designed to reach these targets. Demirel says: "As information technologies team, our goal is to add value to our company by providing our employees with the necessary IT background. We created a database with the 'Deniz Project' module based on the Oracle database which we had started along with the Oracle ERP project for the ships within our class. We gave our customers the opportunity to view their own ships, conduct periodical inspections and view the results of inspections on our website. Our next goal is to create a system whereby documents on the portal and the Oracle ERP database are integrated at certain points."