- SOLUTION: Oracle Siebel CRM Solution

- SECTOR: Manufacturing & Services


“With our new CRM system we can store all kinds of data about our customers, including their orders, returns, requests and call centre complaints all in one place. This lets us monitor, evaluate and gain a 360 degree understanding of our customers.”

Önder Kaplancık 
Teknosa Deputy General Manager of IT
Systems and Operational Support

Teknosa Oracle Siebel CRM Project

Teknosa, the largest technology retail chain in Turkey, is now able to understand its customers better than ever.

Teknosa is one of the largest resellers of technology products in Turkey and offers an extensive product portfolio in 270 stores located in 72 Turkish cities, which together occupy 100,000 m2 of closed space. It employs 3,000 people.


Teknosa wanted to consolidate its scattered CRM applications within a single efficient structure that would facilitate fast and efficient monitoring. In particular, it was searching for a system capable of storing customer data and increasing the company’s understanding of customers. This in turn would assist in creating personalised campaigns and provide reporting and efficient budget monitoring.

Teknosa Oracle Siebel CRM Project

Teknosa found the answers to these needs in the CRM project it created with Innova. Customer data previously kept in different systems was brought together into an integrated structure, while Teknosa’s card application was segmented for all customers by integrating with mobile phones, thus opening the door to new creative campaigns. In short, Teknosa gained a significant marketing advantage by being able to access its own data more quickly and effectively.


Thanks to its new CRM application, Teknosa now knows its 1.7 million customers better than ever. In addition, the Teknosa Card application, which is integrated into customers’ mobile phones, has helped to expand the company’s customer loyalty programme to more than 30% of its customers. Innova’s state-of-the-art complaints and service management system means that customer problems and comments are now stored with their personalised records, helping Teknosa to deal with issues more quickly and offer support to its call centre staff.