- SOLUTION: Oracle e-Business Suite

- SECTOR: Manufacturing & Services


“After we decided to restructure our HR system we talked to a number of firms. In keeping with Roketsan’s procurement principles, we decided to work with Innova only after conducting an independent assessment of all the options available to us. Since then we have been working with Innova successfully.”

Efdal Altan 
Roketsan Human Resources Manager

Roketsan Human Resources Management

Roketsan, Turkey's leading research and development company, with a staff of 1000, now users ERP to manage human resources.

Roketsan, a major defence technology producer established in 1988, was seeking a complex corporate human resources (HR) system that would meet the needs of its expanding workforce and simplify the management of such processes as personnel selection and placement, standard of performance, compensation and training.


Following careful research, Roketsan chose the Oracle E-Business Suite and, with Innova’s assistance, integrated all its HR processes with its new ERP system. It now has a much more efficient working procedure and can record every HR procedure electronically. It has also set up a coordination network between HR and other departments.

Roketsan Human Resources Management

ERP solution for growing targets

Roketsan took its first step towards making the transition to ERP in 1997 then, in 2001, added Oracle’s finance, manufacturing and cost management modules. Information Systems Manager Akay Kerim Ince explained why they took this step:


“Before the Oracle implementation, we had problems in collecting data in a common databank and therefore had insufficient data security because Enterprise Resources Planning was carried out in the framework of normal professional software. We were seeking an integrated structure that could combine scattered data and also safeguard them and transform them into meaningful information by generating reports. In short, the solution we were looking for was the Oracle E-Business Suite.


“Today we manage finance, logistics, costs, HR, manufacturing and projects by using ERP modules. With ERP we can monitor, manage and report on our business processes online reliably and in real time. As a result of achieving greater efficiency, we have reduced our operational costs and increased the speed of our business processes. In doing so we also ensured that our data is protected and archived in accordance with best business practices.”


Roketsan’s HR Manger Efdal Altan underlined the importance of the HR module of ERP for a growing company like Roketsan, saying: “At Roketsan we have many new projects and important targets. In the near feature our goal is to have over 900 staff. Thanks to this system, our processes improved and we have gained a corporate structure.”


Explaining how the project had also stimulated other parts of the business, he expressed gratitude to the new structure. This demonstrated the importance of basing management on accurate data, which is only possible with the implementation of reliable infrastructure like Oracle’s. Every section of the company has acknowledged the value of the system.


Reliable and professional cooperation


Akay Kerim Ince said they were very pleased that the HR project was carried out in cooperation with Innova. He said: “Innova is a company that takes its job very seriously. We are able to receive help from them in relation to any problems or processes at all times and have the opportunity to work with their highly competent staff whenever we need them. We would like to continue receiving Innnova’s ERP consultancy services in the future. We would also like to make use of Innova’s know-how on the Net platform.”


Efdal Altan also had praise for Innova: “We seek reliability from our partners. With Innova we focused on the success of the project, and they were with us every step of the way. The team was able to respond to all our needs and managed to produce a solution for every problem we encountered.