- SOLUTION: PayFlex Gift Card

- SECTOR: Manufacturing & Services

DaruYou Gift Card Project

PayFlex powers the larfest gift card system in Ukraine.

System Integration, a Ukrainian company specialising in payment and loyalty solutions, required a new closed-loop prepayment card system to enable retail customers to purchase and use gift cards. After careful consideration, the company chose Innova’s Gift Card product, which is part of the PayFlex family. The project began in 2011 and went live only a few months later, making DaruYou the largest gift card system in Ukraine with 150+ brands and more than 600 point of sales at the end of 2013.


How does the system work?

The system is powered by Innova’s PayFlex solution and enables customers to buy an empty DaruYou card in participating stores. Customers can then deposit any amount that they wish onto the card and either give it to friends and family as a present or use it themselves at a later date. The card can be used in a large number of stores participating in the DaruYou scheme.

DaruYou Gift Card Project

POS devices and co-branded cards

The DaruYou gift card system transactions are made through regular POS devices. The system works online and takes care of credit uploads and tracks spending, managing everything in real time on a central information system and ensuring that no personal information is kept on the card itself. This removes the potential for fraud and guarantees full confidentiality to the customer.


In addition to the benefits it brings to private customers, the DaruYou system can also be used by corporate customers: personalised gift cards can be produced in bulk enabling companies to celebrate special occasions by giving customised cards to their employees. UniCredit Bank, Porche Ukraine, CocaCola, Rehau, Pepsi are some examples for cobranded gift card clients.


A quick and cost-efficient process

Innova’s Ukrainian business partner, System Integration, configured the DaruYou project using Innova’s ready-made infrastructure, the PayFlex Gift Card System. By using a pre-prepared system, the project was completed particularly quickly and required little adaptation, giving a significant cost advantage. Other benefits of the PayFlex technology include its online reporting feature and its simple approach to adding new stores to the system. Individual stores can also monitor transactions online and can produce reports on spending with relative ease.

  • To build a multi-store gift card platform
  • To offer flexible choices for participating stores and customers
  • Innova PayFlex Gift Card
  • The largest gift card system in Ukraine
  • A flexible, future-proof solution