- SOLUTION: Credit Kiosk

- SECTOR: Finance

The First Credit Machine in the World

Turkish Credit Machine invention received technology award from The Banker magazine and has become the model example for the worldwide banking sector.

Akbank ranks as Turkey's largest private sector bank in 2006 with regard to profitability and market value as of year-end 2005.


In addition to its core banking activities, Akbank also offers a wide range of retail, commercial, corporate, private banking and international trade finance services. Non-banking financial, capital market and investment services are provided by the Bank's subsidiaries. With its use of the latest advances in technology and its staff of experienced bankers, Akbank continues to focus on providing the highest quality services to a diverse group of private and corporate clientele.


About 31.6% of Akbank shares are publicly traded and listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). Abroad, the Bank's Level 1 ADRs are traded on the London IOB and the OTC market in the US. As of December 31, 2006, Akbank's market value stood at US$ 13,460 million, making it the corporation with the highest market value on the ISE. Citibank is also a shareholder of Akbank.

The First Credit Machine in the World

Automate the applications

Loan and Credit Card Market is one of the major markets in Turkish Finance Industry. And the most successful bank in this area (Akbank) has planned to create a new channel named "Credit Machine" aiming to automate the loan and credit card application process.


BA, B and C profiles

By following our custom design approach we have created and developed a unique, innovative and user friendly kiosk system. For the target audience of the kiosk is the BA, B and C profiled wage groups, easy usage was mandatory for the success of the project


The product of a 1.5 year R&D project conducted by Innova, the Akbank Credit Machine offers customers the ability to receive a loan or a credit card in a very short time without ever having to go to the bank. The machine, which operates in a completely self service manner, can take a photograph of the applicant, make a photocopy of the applicant's ID, and, with an integrated signature panel, can record the customer's real signature electronic format. In short, with the Akbank Credit Machine applications can be registered in exactly the same way they are at the bank's branch office.


The individual credit contract printed by the Akbank Credit Machine is returned to the Credit Machine after being signed. After all processing is complete, and a credit account has been created, the customer may use the "Consumer Credit Card" issued from the Akbank Credit Machine to withdraw the money from any Akbank ATM or BTM.


Jury Special Award

As the project is first and unique in the world, it had a big impact on brand awareness and institutional identity. Even though the Credit Kiosk is still in its pilot phases, it has reached to big target audience coverage. A year after Akbank anounced this invention, The Credit Machine won the "Jury Special Award" in the technology field by "The Banker", one of the world's most respectable banking and finance magazines.


The Akbank Credit Machine, selected by a jury consisting of IT managers and analysts from international financial institutions in this year's 6th annual The Banker Technology Awards, sponsored by the Financial Times Media group and attended by 250 banks and financial institutions from around the world, has the honor of being a first in the sector. With success of this award the bank is planning to increase the number of Credit Kiosks to a few hundred units in a little while.