- SOLUTION: Microsoft SharePoint

- SECTOR: Finance

"Thanks to Innova's team, we were able to achieve everything that we hoped to accomplish with MOSS 2007."

Leyla Sardağ 
TEB Software Development Manager

TEB Collective Intelligence Platform

Once TEB employees enter the portal using their own ID, they reach a single desktop from which they have immediate access to all the business processes, functions, and application standards through a graphical user interface.

Employing more than 6,000 people, TEB (Türk Ekonomi Bankası) is also growing rapidly. TEB's software development manager Leyla Sardağ says the bank had been operating an in-house information portal for users throughout the company since 2000 but that new needs arose, especially with the increase in user numbers resulting from the bank's growth in the wake of the BNP Paribas joint venture:


"Our idea was that a new employee at the bank should be able to get all the information they needed from a single address and not have to search for it in different places. Furthermore this new portal had to be a platform that would increase job productivity; newly-opened and expanded branches should be able to send out their messages in a shared environment rather than have to use different tools."


TEB's newly-installed corporate portal was initially planned for use in the bank's human resources management and it was intended to be a way to get information about personnel job accountabilities and processes.

TEB Collective Intelligence Platform

More than exchange rates

Sardağ emphasizing that their goal was to create a platform that would do more than just give users access to things like current exchange rates and company announcements and was based instead on supporting collective intelligence.


The solution: SharePoint

In the summer of 2006 TEB launched a project at its human resources department to identify the needs and requirements for a new corporate portal. In October they began assessing the different platform alternatives available to them. According to Sardağ, this process resulted in their realizing that the Microsoft SharePoint platform not only addressed TEB's current needs but would also be able to handle its future requirements as well: "We decided to work with Innova on this project because we had worked with them before on others and we knew that they had extensive experience both in the Microsoft SharePoint platform and in its services."


A pilot project at Human Resources

As the first step, a pilot project was developed for use within TEB's human resources department. Innova began working on this project in late November 2006 and the initial installation took place in January 2007. In February, the platform that had been designed for the HR department was made accessible for data input and at the same time user training for the new system was also completed during the same month. Says Sardağ: "By redirecting telephone, e-mail, and similar requests for information made to Human Resources to this portal instead, we achieved a significant reduction in our e-mail traffic. Users also realized that they could manage their own task flows using the forms that were available on the same platform. She also added: "Because every department at TEB has its own projects and/or products and services, they also have different duties and needs. To address these more effectively, subportals were created on the main platform. For example, seven subportals were designed for the human resources department. These included a subportal that spelled out employees' duties and responsibilities and provided a checklist of the information and documents they should have; a training subportal that provided access to personnel training resources; a subportal (called "Spark") that encouraged innovation; and a subportal that provided access to health services and information. In addition, about twenty task flow forms were also integrated into the system as well."


Process modeling tool

Metehan Ayfer, an Assistant Business Process Management Specialist for TEB had this to say: "We decided to change our old portal because it was too complicated and not very easy to use. In making this change, our goal was to reduce all the functions of each bank department to individual task processes. On the new portal, our idea was that a user would be able to see just the banking task processes for which he was responsible with just a single click but that if, for example, a piece of equipment that he was using malfunctioned, he should be able to easily find out how to have it fixed without having to call anyone. To achieve this goal, we used a modeling tool to define our processes and we integrated that tool into the portal.


Everyone has their own website

In addition, we also added a feature that allows users to create personal websites of their own as a way of strengthening their individual familiarity and identification with the system and its features. These personal websites can be used to form "rings" in which people share personal information such as birthdays as well as pictures and text with each other." The end result of this pilot project undertaken for the human resources department was a platform that could serve as a model for other departments. According to Sardağ, even though it was called a "pilot project", the finished product was a fully-functioning, completed application and that made it much easier to show the other units of the bank what could be accomplished.


40 different subportals

In the next stage, meetings were held with different departments during which it was explained to them how their own information should be submitted. They were given deadlines for the completion of their own analyses. Innova designed forty different subportals for different departments on the basis of these analyses.


By providing standardized, quick access to the bank's procedures, documents, and task processes, the portal that Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) created with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 made it possible for users in different departments to do their jobs more productively and to carry out their projects more effectively. The new portal also supports the growth of collective intelligence within the company by strengthening communication among its employees.


Sardağ says: "Thanks to Innova's team, we were able to achieve everything that we hoped to accomplish with MOSS 2007. The new portal not only met all our needs but also allowed us to add other features that we realized would be useful as well. As the most important outcome, our new portal facilitated collaboration, thereby increased employee productivity and enterprise-wide synergy."