- SOLUTION: PayFlex Collection

- SECTOR: Finance


“The collection system we implemented with Innova has offered us speed, efficiency, cost advantages and standardisation. Thanks to the PayFlex application we carry out collections more quickly and simply, which also leads to customer satisfaction.”

İlhan Zeki Köroğlu 
Vice President 
T-Bank Operations and Information Systems

T-Bank Collection System

One of Turkey's fastest growing banks, T-Bank, has chosen Innova's PayFlex Collection application to enable online payments from national and international companies.

T-Bank offers commercial, SME and personal banking services and is currently in the midst of a phase of rapid expansion. It has recently increased the number of its branches to 27 and it is aiming to become the leader in Turkey in the provision of high-quality services to small and medium sized companies. With the opening of these new branches, T-Bank has also sought to increase the speed of its company collections operations and thus adopted Innova’s PayFlex Collection application.


The PayFlex Collection system offers T-Bank speed, efficiency, cost advantages and greater standardisation, which the bank is then able to use to improve the services it offers to its customers.

T-Bank Collection System

According to İlhan Zeki Köroğlu, the Vice President of  T-Bank’s Operations and Information Systems, the use of external resources is highly efficient and offers T-Bank significant advantages. For Köroğlu the collaboration with Innova is entirely fitting: “We generally prefer to use external ready-built software for operations like company collections, as these should not be a part of a banking system’s core activities. This is why we decided to use Innova’s solutions for direct loans, company collection, tax collection and intranet structure. Last year we completed important implementation stages for company and tax collection and we expect to complete our work on our direct loans and intranet structure by the end of the year. We need to continue to integrate new company collections in every city that we operate in and we will continue to work with Innova on these operations.”