- SOLUTION: Applciation Development Lifecycle Management

- SECTOR: Finance

“As an HP and Microsoft preferred partner, Innova made a significant contribution to bringing this project to life.”

Nevzat Koldemir 
Insurance Information and Monitoring Center
Software Development and Business Intelligence Director

SBM (Insurance Information and Monitoring Centre) Application Development Lifecycle Management

SBM provides databases that serve as the information hub of the insurance sector in Turkey. The company sought Innova's assistance to take its application development ecosystem to the next level.

The Union of Turkish Insurance and Reinsurance Companies established SBM in 2003 to enable its members to develop more comprehensive and effective insurance services by creating a common data pool for use by the entire sector. Since 2013 SBM has initiated a series of important improvements, revealing its deep understanding of insurance services. These have focused on strengthening communication, making it more transparent and accessible, on ensuring that everyone within the sector speaks the same language, and on supporting profitability and growth by providing strong information security and producing value for the public while also protecting the rights of the state and insured parties.


One of SBM’s most significant business processes involves application development. The company needed a new structure capable of managing application development processes centrally, simplifying the monitoring process and improving the quality of the resulting product. SBM chose HP products due to its proven success and selected Innova to help with installation, adaptation and training processes.

SBM (Insurance Information and Monitoring Centre) Application Development Lifecycle Management

A unique institution

SBM is unique in Turkey and the EMEA region both as an institution and in terms of its processes. Highlighting this, SBM’s Software Development and Business Intelligence Director, Nevzat Koldemir, said “As there is no institution with business processes similar to ours either in Turkey or in the EMEA region, we do not have the luxury of being able to use ready-made applications, so our in-house teams develop our own software.” He added that this fact meant that the organisation was forced to use a variety of different software solutions supplied by different companies, which did not always integrate with one another particularly well. In addition, reporting on processes was difficult and it was not possible to have a centralised end-to-end management of the software. Because of this a new structure was require that would find the source of any problems quickly and intervene immediately to improve the efficiency of processes.


Building the dream team

Koldemir is proud that the company made the right choice by using HP products for their Application Development Lifecycle project, saying that HP was the “right choice from every angle.” The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Test Automation (UFT), Performance Center products were all successful parts of the project. “Innova was invited to take part in the project due to its reputation as a reliable business partner to HP and the company assisted us greatly in the installation and adaptation processes. The SBM, HP and Innova teams displayed the highest possible performance, both technically and operationally, in the restructuring of our processes.


A first in the EMEA

Pointing at HP’s large investment in its new Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) product, Koldemir talked about another remarkable feature of the project: “the open source products we used, such as code management and versioning software have also been integrated with HP products. HP’s Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) and Operations Orchestration (OO) products automate all software adaptation processes. The project stands out as the first in the EMEA region to integrate CDA, ALM and PPM.”


New Corporate Portal

SBM is also transforming its website into a portal. With the portal project, which is also going ahead with Innova’s consultancy services, SBM is able to offer a platform with forum and blog features to all companies in the sector. Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 was used for this project.

  • To create a management system able to centralise SBM’s application development life cycle.
  • Innova Application Development Services
  • HP PPM, HP ALM, HP CDA, HP Test Automation Tools
  • The first project in the EMEA to integrate HP’s CDA, PPM and ALM products.
  • Application development processes can now be managed by a single integrated software suite rather than disparate packages.
  • Gained instant and high-level executive reporting capabilities.
  • Equipped with easy monitoring capabilities.