- SOLUTION: Kiosk Innova

- SECTOR: Finance

New Generation Banking with Innova at Odeabank

Odeabank invites customers to the world of new generation baling with a project developed in cooperation with Kiosk Innova.

Bank Audi operates in 11 different countries, with headquarters located in Lebanon. Odeabank, the affiliate of Bank Audi in Turkey, commenced operations in October 2012. As a young and dynamic bank, Odeabank aims to expand rapidly in Turkey and increase its branch number, as well as to provide customers the latest technology.


Odeabank welcomes customers to the world of new generation banking

Customers are able to familiarize themselves with the products and services of the bank at all branches where Kiosk Innova’s touch screens, kiosk and Digital Signage solutions are actively used. They also enjoy convenient access to banking features through the kiosks.


The project started in August 2012 with the objective of providing a 24/7 uninterrupted service, and of equipping Odeabank’s branches with state of the art technology. Accordingly, the bank’s entire branch network was equipped with informative touch screens, banking kiosks and Digital Signage products, each serving a different purpose.

New Generation Banking with Innova at Odeabank

Odeabank welcomes customers to the world of new generation banking


A lively bank branch…

Kiosk Innova used end-to-end hardware and software solutions for the Odeabank Project. All branches of the bank were equipped with a number of digital screens. A significant portion of these screens allow customers to obtain information of the products and services of the bank. Additionally, the touch screens make it possible for interactive applications to be used on the branch displays.

The credit simulation feature on touch screens enables customers to obtain information on credits and other data, even after business hours. Customers have access to monthly loan installment information; hence, they can easily calculate their costs, etc.


Digital Banking

With the integration of the digital queuing system, customers are able to monitor the queues on Digital Signage screens. They can also view news live thanks to integration with news channel CNBC-e. Meanwhile, the promotional campaigns of products and services, as well as advertisements, announcements and updates are all easily managed from a single station. Documents such as banking brochures are also displayed on these interactive screens.


‘Touchscreen’ banking

The touch-table, featuring a multi-touch technology function and 40 inch (101.6cm) screens, provides Odeabank customers a more enjoyable wait for their turn. Also, as with the other touch screens installed at the bank, it boasts all functions such as credit simulation, CNBC-e news feed and more.


Integration and Design are Important Components

Another value adding component of Kiosk Innova in this project is the integration of software and an interface designed specifically with the corporate identity of Odeabank in mind. In this context, diverse animations, digital posters and templates were also prepared by Kiosk Innova.