- SOLUTION: PayFlex Virtual POS

- SECTOR: Finance


Thanks to Innova’s PayFlex Virtual POS application, we reinforced our leading position in the field of e-commerce infrastructure by providing our merchants with a more diversified offering.

Serkan Uğraş KAYGALAK
Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.

Card Payment Systems Department Head

Isbank Virtual POS Project

Turkey's Isbank responded to an increasing volume of e-commerce activity by deploying an advanced online payment infrastructure. It choose the PayFlex Virtual POS application in order to improve the quality and variety of services offered to its clients.


Innova’s 15-year experience in payment systems and the flexible structure of the PayFlex Virtual POS (vPOS) application have been standout features of the project, which was implemented as a cloud solution. The increasing number of participating merchants, along with the sheer variety of the services offered and the stringent security and performance required brought with them a number of new challenges.


Ultimately the project was able to take into account all these needs, and the PayFlex vPOS application was configured to be compatible with other POS applications, thus creating significant flexibility to customers as well as minimising the potential impact of future integration processes. Numerous services, including participating merchant identification, authorisation and online transaction processing were integrated successfully and securely. One of the key reasons behind the bank’s choice of the PayFlex Virtual POS application was that it offered a separate, independent infrastructure that is fully compatible with its own banking systems. This fact also guaranteed significant cost savings.

Isbank Virtual POS Project

Investing in the future

Isbank (Türkiye İş Bankası) chose to invest in its future by choosing the PayFlex Virtual POS application, which uses the highest level of data security currently available: PCI-DSS 3.0. Moreover, thanks to the decision to use a cloud-based solution the bank was also able to scale the cost of the investment to its own particular requirements. Finally, it achieved a significant reduction in investment costs related to payment systems both in the short and medium term. In short, the PayFlex Virtual POS application managed to increase the power of the bank’s payment technologies while successfully reducing the e-commerce costs associated with them.