- SOLUTION: PayFlex Collection

- SECTOR: Finance


"The PayFlex Collection solution provides us with a problem-free infrastructure"

Ragıp Gürkan 
ING Bank IT Software Development Manager

ING Bank Collection System

ING Bank collects payments of bills issued by Avea, Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone and Bilyoner through the Innova PayFlex Collection solution.

One of the major players in global finance, ING Bank, started its operations in Turkey in 2008 after acquiring OyakBank. Targeting a larger share in Turkish market and utilizing the knowledge and vision of ING Group, ING Bank is one of the seven largest banks in Turkey with its 367 branch offices, 279 authorized collection centers, 825 ATMs and 24/7 Internet and phone banking services.


ING Bank collects bills belonging to 180 different companies and institutions each month. ING Bank IT Software Development Manager Ragıp Gürkan said the following regarding their cooperation with Innova: "We have collection agreements with 180 companies/institutions.


We are working online with 30 of them. Prior to working with Innova, we first utilized an online system in 1999 with Türk Telekom. We decided to move on to an PayFlex Collection system due to the developments taking place in the banking sector. With Innova's continuous development support of our institution's projects, we were able to complete them in short periods of time. We implemented bill collection projects with Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea, all in very short periods of time."

ING Bank Collection System

Easy management

Software Development Director Özgür Armağan said communication with institutions which issued the bills became easier and the collection process became much smoother thanks to the PayFlex Collection application. He said: "Innova's Collection systems enable us to speak asynchronously with institutions. We began using an intermediary system which communicates with PayFlex Collection instead of us, sending messages directly to the institutions. Advantages of this system to us have been asynchronous; because we have access to the PayFlex Collection system, we have been able to process transactions and monitor and verify transactions with Innova."


Problem-free infrastructure

ING Bank collects payments of bills issued by Avea, Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone and Bilyoner through the Innova PayFlex Collection application. Ragıp Gürkan highlighted that collection systems must have a reliable infrastructure; further commenting on the value and benefit that Innova provides to the company.


Speed and security

Software Development Director Şükrü Bal talked about the advantages offered by Innova's collection system: "PayFlex Collection communicates with the company with which we would be making the bill collection with in our place. We do not intervene in the communication and possible problems between the company and the system. All of PayFlex Collection's messages are stored on a single unit now, which helps us with maintenance. This system also helped us with reporting. And now we can do all the monitoring on the web."


In addition to being problem-free, all transactions must be completed rapidly in banking systems in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Bal also pointed out the time saving feature offered by PayFlex Collection: "Of course PayFlex Collection saved us time. It saved us time not only in customer transactions, but also in application development. Now all we have to do is integrate our messages to the familiar PayFlex Collection messaging structure rather than messaging with the institution or company. And a single database means easier repair and maintenance for us."


Gürkan said they had plans of working with Innova in future projects and added: "We are happy to be working with Innova and we have no hesitations about speaking up on our satisfaction of Innova's high quality work"