- SOLUTION: KioskInnova

- SECTOR: Finance

Garanti Bank Online Banking Kiosk

Garanti Bank now offers its online banking services through more than 1,000 kiosk Innova kiosks located in all of its branches.

Garanti Bank is Turkey’s second-biggest private bank and one of the most established banks in the country. It is active in all areas including corporate, private, commercial, SME, retail and investment banking. Garanti also offers services such as payment systems, pensions, leasing, factoring, securities and asset management.


The bank was searching for ways to increase opportunities for customers to access its online banking system through alternative channels located in its branches. Since the cost of floor space in its branches is very high, it was clear that it needed a user-friendly and compact design, ideally one that could be wall mounted. With these requirements in mind, Kiosk Innova designers and engineers developed a durable 19" kiosk that could be almost entirely embedded within a wall.

Garanti Bank Online Banking Kiosk

The specially designed kiosks have proved very popular with the bank’s customers, many of whom quickly began to use the kiosks rather than counters. In fact, usage statistics were so much higher than expected that the bank decided to install the online banking kiosks in all of its branches. Today more than 1,000 Kiosk Innova kiosks are being used in all branches, and have been joined by 1,000 Alo Garanti telephone banking kiosks.