- SOLUTION: PayFlex Loyalty

- SECTOR: Finance

BankMed Customer Loyalty Project

One of the leading banks in the Middle East, BankMed, opted for Innova's PayFlex solution to drive the infrastructure supporting its customer loyalty programme.

Headquartered in Lebanon, BankMed has been operating since 1944 and is one of the most established banks in the country. It serves over 130,000 customers through 51 branches. It also has affiliates in Turkey, Switzerland and in Cyprus.


Customer loyalty programmes offer important benefits to companies who have contacts with all sectors of society. Acting on this fact, BankMed found the solution it needed to operate its own programme in Innova’s PayFlex Loyalty platform. This has opened the way for BankMed to strengthen its market position further. Before the project went live BankMed did not have its own POS network in the field but now has the opportunity to establish direct contact with the retail sector. Through this it is also able to offer new advantages to its customers.

BankMed Customer Loyalty Project

A win-win situation for BankMed and its customers

BankMed’s project is the first of its kind in this region. Through it the bank has provided increased value both in terms of prestige and profitability to companies who have taken part in the scheme. BankMed has thus succeeded in standing out from competitors and offer a higher level of customer loyalty. The PayFlex Loyalty’s integrated structure that automated all operations is able to offer services through different channels while at the same time bringing significant cost savings for the bank. The information gathered from the customers who have taken part in the loyalty scheme has made it possible for the bank to offer bespoke services using advanced data mining techniques.


As a result of the partnership between the bank and Azadea, the leading retail group in the region, the company started using the gift card solution (Qanz Card) at its 453 stores in Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan.

  • To increase customer credit card usage by establishing an organic link between the bank and the retail sector based on a win-win model.
  • Attracting new customers using the new loyalty programme.
  • Innova’s PayFlex Loyalty
  • BankMed’s customers and those of the retail sector were introduced to a customer loyalty programme that was unprecedented in the region.
  • With the newly-established POS network, BankMed strengthened its image both in the retail sector and in customers’ perception, and reinforced its position in the region.
  • Innova provided a multi-institutional dynamic loyalty programme, including a giftcard system that supports international use, a POS network, a Kiosk network and web portals for customers, the bank, and participating stores. Innova also used the support and experience of its local business partner when carrying out local operations.