- SOLUTION: Oracle E-Business Suite

- SECTOR: Automotive


“Innova has been with us from the beginning of the ERP project at every stage of the process and responded to our expectations with a highly disciplined approach. We are extremely happy with the successful results we obtained on completion of this project”

Hakan Akmeriç 
Information Systems Director
Kiraca Holding

Kiraca Holding ERP Project

Kiraca, one of Turkey's leading group of companies, has used the E-Business Suite for its ERP transition.

Since 1998 Kiraca Holding subsidiaries have operated in automotive manufacturing, distribution, after-sales services and human resources consultancy, and wanted to gain a competitive edge in those sectors by integrating a new ERP system.


At the end of 2002 Kiraca decided to use the Oracle E-Business Suite and chose Innova to assist the group in the transition to ERP. In only 10 months this comprehensive project was concluded successfully. This allowed all Kiraca subsidiaries to begin using the system, which not only transformed their operations but also accelerated vital processes by consolidating many small-scale commercial activities.


The company’s stipulation

Kiraca Group Companies Information Systems Director, Hakan Akmeriç, said, “We decided that at the end of our first three years we needed to create differences that would give us a competitive advantage in the sector we are operating in. Our manufacturing subsidiaries in particular needed systems that would support cost efficiency and flexibility. We were looking for a solution that would differentiate us from our competitors. Ultimately, at the end of 2002, we decided on the Oracle E-Business Suite and decided we would benefit by doing this with the help of Innova.”

Kiraca Holding ERP Project

Why Oracle EBS?

Akmeriç outlined the factors that prompted Kiraca to choose the Oracle E-Business Suite: “Oracle’s world-recognised technology expertise and its rich functionality led us to them. Oracle EBS enabled us to carry out almost all the general changes that we had expected. For example, significant optimisations were achieved in procurement processes in our manufacturer and distributor subsidiaries. Before the implementation it had been very hard to monitor manufacturing costs realistically. Now we can monitor processes on an hourly basis and can retrieve detailed reports at any given moment. Also, a number of additional changes made in support of EBS and its functions provided significant contributions to logistics operations.”

“The second major improvement has been the electronic banking integration. This system will allow us — as a group and individual subsidiaries — to enable instant transaction management. We are already able to produce reports in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). As we are a group of companies, consolidation is an important issue for us. The E-Business Suite accelerated the processes of consolidating low level commercial activities.”

Customer satisfaction

Akmeriç expressed his satisfaction with the project, saying: “We completed the project on target. Innova was part of the project throughout the entire period. They supported us with their disciplined approach and also helped us solve the problems we encountered in the Oracle implementation process. We really appreciated their support. The success of this project is owed to the synergy created when the three companies came together. Each company contributed their own knowhow and experience to the project.”