Field Services

Field services independent of brand at Innova quality everywhere in Turkey. Companies achieve continuity through services at international standards.

In addition to the end to end information solutions it provides to companies, Innova is also an experienced business partner in field support solutions. With 12 offices throughout Turkey Innova provides field services independent of brand for installation and integration services that meet all demands of companies in this field. Long years of field experience and a strong service structure have made Innova a qualified field service provider both in Turkey and abroad.


With the field services in Turkey Innova offers products and solutions with its own brand Kiosk Innova for Digital Signage systems in particular. The maintenance and support departments enable all Innova solutions to become living systems.


ISO 20000 certified services

The goal of Innova, a company that has achieved world standards in service management: To always provide the best quality. ISO 20000 certified Innova constantly holds a customer oriented structure in the forefront in all the services it provides. Being a well equipped and reliable business partner in field services it provides to companies make operations more solid.


Innova makes sure the conditions specified in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are carried out fully in accordance with ISO 20000 standards. By keeping records of all the stages that start with the enforcement of the agreement and continue until continuity is achieved an advanced structure that keeps service quality and costs under control is presented. Advanced control and audit tools determine ahead of time all the elements that could pose a risk to the service level conditions and the early warning system enables measures to be taken quickly and the process report to be generated.


12 everywhere with a service office…

Providing support services at the same quality is just as important as providing quality IT services. Presenting these services over a wide geography instead of at limited points is an important element in adding power to the services that are provided. The innovative services developed by Innova are supported with service offices at 12 locations throughout Turkey to guarantee service quality at every location in Turkey. The high quality services at Innova enable customers to continue their work without interruption and find solutions to problems quickly.


Kiosk and Digital Signage

The innovations in the digital world continue to present companies with brand new opportunities along with the new media they bring. The kiosk and digital signage solutions bring brands to consumers not just in big cities but everywhere in Turkey. Innova also provides support for its own solution Digital Signage systems and all kiosk products with 12 service offices.


The Innova Assurance in Service Quality

In addition to supplying the technologies it has developed to all locations throughout Turkey, Innova also provides support services over a wide range with field maintenance and support. The companies that prefer Innova solutions obtain services anywhere in Turkey with the same quality. The 24/7 Help Desk (telephone and e-mail support) service also provides support to the Innova field services.

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