Content Management Services

Kiosk Innova’s expertise in Digital Signage also covers the subjects of content management and even the design and production of content in addition to providing end to end solutions and efficient technical support. After determining the need, designing the system and forming the solution, producing the necessary hardware and completing the installation Kiosk Innova designs, creates and manages content in line with the information provided by the company.


End point solution over the server

Innova’s Digital Signage solution is an IP based solution, therefore the content management can be structured to cover any point the internet network can reach and the content can be shown at any end point (shop, restaurant, branch, vendor, etc.). The server, which will operate centralized content management software, is shaped according to the size of the project and the computers that will transmit the broadcast to screens included in the application operate connected to a server over the network.


Hit your target with theme panels

Kiosk Innova’s Digital Signage solution can be structured to help you capture the shop atmosphere that appeals to the target audience in addition to all the basic functions. The animated menus in a restaurant for kids can be shown on screens with fun cartoon characters.


Your content management is in safe hands The most important point of the Digital Signage system is the ‘content’ that is the objective for installing the system and it must be managed professionally for feedback. Scala, a leading content software in this field in the world, is used in Innova’s content management solution. Content, which is comprised of video, photograph, written, etc. materials, is shown on screens in line with a program that is adapted to the size and resolution of the screens. The software package, which arranges how content will appear on the screen, designs backgrounds and templates and conducts the general management of the broadcasted program, is comprised of central management software that operates on a central server and software components that operate on computers at different locations. This software package not only enables content from different sources to be included in the same broadcast program but also allows customization for branches, restaurants or shops at any location.


Energy savings with central management

Since Innova’s Digital Signage solution can be managed from a central structure the brightness and sound of image panels can be adjusted centrally from a single location and the open-close function can be programmed for certain hours. This helps to reduce operation costs.