Project Management

An Innova project management service with a relatively wide framework like designing, updating and revising new products, services and processes.

In project management ensuring compliance with the company strategies, effective planning and analysis, determining start and completion times, forming coordination and interaction correctly and completing checks in the application stage with correct observation and inspection are the most important steps to success. With this approach Innova conducts all of these steps in the most accurate and efficient manner to provide companies with complete, added value project management.


In the scope of Innova project management services all services required for project planning like scope management, integration management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resources management, communication management, risk management, stakeholder management and supply management are provided.


While large scale projects can be managed on behalf of the company/firm, consultation, training, installation of necessary tools and implementation for small scale projects to be managed at certain standards are provided in the scope of project management.



  • Professional project management approach and method
  • Prevents loss of resources
  • Adds value to companies
  • The targeted success is achieved in projects
  • Projects are managed at international standards

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