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Ensure your IT department's internal applications match international standart with Innova's assistance you can comply with ITIL ISO 20000 accreditation.

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In today’s markets, all IT companies and IT departments require simple, fast, effective and high-quality management systems. ISO 20000 is the accredited management standard used as the benchmark of international best practice for IT services, and ITIL® is the foremost resource for attaining compliance.


Innova’s proposal is to take an active part in projects aimed at reducing the timescale of IT service processes and simultaneously to raise the quality of the service.


Our objective: To provide close support for companies as they remodel their IT service processes in accordance with global standards.


In order to respond to increased demand in the best way possible, we needed highly professional software. That's why we purchased a professional application and chose Innova as our professional solution partner.  

Önder Kaplancık 

Former Vice President of Teknosa


ITIL® (ITIL® 2011)

The number one rule of nonstop and problem-free IT services is to ensure that all components are managed within a life cycle. ITIL® incorporates the entire range of processes used by IT units in service management, each process being developed by an independent consultant or IT professional.

ITIL® is used worldwide by thousands of businesses and institutions in order to fulfil the requirements set out by the ISO 20000 certificate. If your enterprise is interested in ITIL® processes, Innova’s management system consultants are ready to help you.


For ITIL® and ISO 20000 accreditation we offer:

  • Process optimisation guidance
  • Accreditation guidance
  • Awareness training
  • Applications training
  • Internal auditing


ISO 20000 Service Management System (SYS)

Innova provides consultation and training for service providers who wish to adapt an existing Service Management System to comply with ISO 20000 certification. It assists in designing, transferring, transforming and improving your service processes in a way that perfectly matches your needs. The new dynamic service management system created with the guidance of Innova’s team of expert consultants is a future-proofed system that supports continual improvement and development.

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