Mobile Application Development Services

Custom smart phone applications for any kind of need over the most popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Innova’s mobile application development services aim to provide companies with innovative and long term solutions. With the expertise and experience of the mobile application development team any kind application to meet needs regardless of sector can be developed on the most popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS.


Fast solutions over a wide range


Able to adapt mobile applications to all sectors, Innova can also complete the necessary integrations with the many international software it is a solution partner of. The Mobile Application Development Platform created entirely by Innova engineers makes producing customized solutions for customers even easier.


Access anytime from anywhere Mobile application that enable end users to complete transactions and access products and services regardless of location, provide a system that can operate 24/7 anywhere reachable by the GSM network. The ease with which you can pay a bill while waiting for an airplane at the airport is the same ease with which the Innova application development services make products and services of companies accessible with smart phones.


A fast and innovative channel Mobile applications create a new channel through which companies can access their users. It becomes possible for companies to provide all or a portion of their services through an alternate channel. Mobil banking solutions are the most notable of these solutions. With systems like mobile payment the targeted audience is provided with an alternative channel to access services.



  • Uninterrupted access to products and services with mobile devices
  • iOS, Android and HTML5 support
  • Able to operate smoothly with GPRS, EDGE and 3G, 4G, LTE networks
  • Multi layered security infrastructure
  • Multi language and multi character coding support


Innova’s flexible mobile application development platform supports all mobile platforms.


Flexible and reliable applications The mobile applications developed by Innova are applications that provide capability to all companies with backup and load sharing with security in the forefront at every level. All applications are developed according to disaster recovery scenarios. At the same time the applications operate as a whole with internal and external systems of companies with advanced integration skills. Changing conditions are adapted to easily and when necessary can be updated and equipped with additional features

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