Database Management

Put your trust in Innova’s DBA team to determine and implement database management strategies

For critical operations on your corporate information that require expertise like database and application server support, patching applications, backup strategies, database and data recovery, performance analysis and performance improvements, etc. Innova is on your side. The database management team comprised of Innova’s database experts (DBA-Database Administrator) and system managers will provide the best professional services you seek.


Support for database transition processes

With database management your data will have a database with better performance and better security. Database services provide the important advantages of being able to store corporate information more efficiently and access it more quickly. Innova plays an effective role in the migration process between database solutions with certified experts to provide companies with important benefits.


Database management service

  • On site/off site data storage
  • Management of database backup connected to related devices
  • Database recovery
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly database backup
  • Database restoration
  • Application of database and application patches
  • Upgrading application version
  • Monitoring performance and providing solutions
  • Maintaining security
  • Controlling the physical disc growth
  • Planning storage capacity
  • Determining hardware needs
  • Cloning transactions
  • 24/7 support
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