Network Management

Innova promises to be the most efficient business partner in Network Management, a subject that requires a significant degree of technical support


Innova in Network Management

The local and wide area network (LAN-WAN) management provided by Innova is comprised of operation support (L1-L2-L3 producer support), daily monitoring and general network services. All of the important operations like analyzing the customer problem and providing the most suitable solution, a proactive approach that support improvement and development and getting configuration back-ups are conducted by Innova team who are each experts in their own field.


The management of the load balancer, router, network switch and other active network devices operating on the network is provided to the customer with the most suitable network management software.


Management with secure remote access

Secure remote access to company resources over the Internet is provided by the experts at Innova via VPN (Virtual Private Network). The main objective here is to support the time gained with mobile office applications by providing a secure connection. The professional support that is received significantly reduces costs