Project & Portfolio Management

With the Project and Portfolio Management solution provided by Innova with powerful project management partner HP, you can centrally manage all your project and operation processes.

With the Innova, Project & Portfolio Management Solution businesses can reduce the amount of resources they have to reserve for assessment and reporting on internal and external projects and provide support at every stage of the project management process. Combining the management solution it provides with a professional approach, knowledge and experience in integration Innova can offer this solution to any company with ‘projects’ in their work processes.


HP Project & Portfolio Management

The Innova Project & Portfolio Management solution, in which the Project & Portfolio Management product of HP, one of Innova’s most important business partners, is used enables customers to see more clearly the projects they plan to realize and aims to shorten their decision making processes.


With this solution developed especially for project management offices, IT offices, corporate management offices, construction offices and all departments that are responsible for conducting their own projects, businesses can invest resources in projects with the highest yield in a shorter time and monitor the management process to the smallest detail to intervene more quickly when necessary.



  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management
  • Risk and Change Management
  • Resource and Time Management


Be in command of all your processes

The Innova Project & Portfolio Management solution developed from Innova’s internal and external references provides end to end project management with the components in its content. This solution, which provides support to the project management offices within a company, manages all processes from project analysis to reporting.


Flexible automation in work processes

The Project & Portfolio Management Center within the Innova Project & Portfolio Management is an important module that has been built on the powerful work flow engine within the solution. This module makes the project and portfolio management processes completely digital and automatic. These features enable the solution to manage the project process flexibly and complete it successfully.

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