7 ways to win customer loyalty
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7 ways to win customer loyalty

Understanding customers is not just about making assumptions by studying the numbers. Here are just seven of the many ways to bring about customer loyalty:


Customer loyalty is not a one-off project. It is a strategic process that must be pursued for as long as the company is in business. Loyalty programmes must aim to speak the same language as the customer. What matters is not how flashy a campaign is, but whether it is targeted correctly: success can only come from using the right solutions.


Customer loyalty is an emotional process which can be harmed if the customer feels their trust has been betrayed. Research carried out by behavioural economists shows that customers’ decisions are 70% driven by emotions, and only 30% by rational thought. Don’t ever underestimate the power of emotions.


There is a profound connection between customer loyalty and staff loyalty. Staff who represent your company well also have a positive influence on customer loyalty.


Leading CEOs keep the aim of getting close to their customers very high on their agendas. Doing so helps them to understand customer expectations more quickly and comprehensively.


It is important to show your clients that you understand them properly. It doesn’t matter how well you know them unless they feel that you do. Offering special solutions to your customers based on a clear analysis of their behaviour is a gift in itself, and supporting this approach with a well-chosen use of your rewards systems will accelerate the customer loyalty process. The majority of customers who receive offers that directly relate to their personal interests do not mind giving more of their money to that company.


Customers are always mobile, so if you fail to be mobile yourself you create a big barrier in your relationship with them. Considering that location-based mobile communication will surely expand, it is easy to see that mobile solutions will have a multiplying effect.


Coherent communication leads to loyalty. Marketing is not only about sales: customers like to see that companies are thinking about them. Good customer relationship management is the key to customer loyalty.