5 different uses of digital signage technologies in the Retail Sector
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5 different uses of digital signage technologies in the Retail Sector

Digital Signage has been and still is a hot topic that has been on the current agenda for nearly tw92enty years in the whole world and our country. The retail sector is at the forefront of areas that successfully implements this technology. Today, almost 85 percent of shoppers go to brick-and-mortar stores to shop. However, with rapidly virtualizing stores and giant brands that allow customers to enjoy their shopping sessions via touching interactive screens, almost 95% of these off-line sales are carried out using alternative technologies.


In a sector that is moving at such great speeds towards virtualization, the expectations - naturally - were that digital signage solutions would take place at the same speed. Digital signage solutions have spread to all areas of our lives from navigation screens in shopping centers to virtual product mirrors in stores, from surveys used for customer satisfaction to screens displaying special offers. The five areas where digital signage solutions are used are as follows:


1. Wayfinding in Shopping Centers


Most of us have problems in finding directions in crowded shopping malls or parking lots. Digital Signage displays, which are well-positioned by shopping centers, can give customers detailed information about where they are, the floor of the shop that they are looking for, and how they can go from one point to another. This prevents users from not being able to find the shop they are looking for in the mall or finding out where they have parked their cars.


2. Special -Offer Screens


Just like in living centers, shopping malls and plazas, digital signage displays utilized for informative purposes make lives easier in shops as well. Screens can be used for both advertising and informational purposes as content published over the existing wireless network can be easily updated. Digital Signage solutions also have the ability to manage from a single location, display different special offers in different stores or show different discounts for different locations from a single location. It is for these reasons that these products are also becoming a preference for businesses looking for new markets.


3. Product Review


Imagine being in a store. Imagine not being able to find the clothes that you are looking for and you cannot even decide the kind of clothes you should choose. As you roam around inside the store, you stumble upon a new season product on a digital signage screen and it piques your interest. Immediately approach the screen, enter your color and size options. See if there's a dress that suits your choice. No need to worry if the store does not have the product that you suits your likings, your store will bring that product from the nearest store while you are sipping your coffee.


4. Survey Screens


Another area where Digital Signage screens are heavily used is the survey screens. Measuring customer satisfaction, receiving short queries and suggestions as well as feedback means compiling valuable information for a store. While customers are happy that their views are appreciated, the stores have the opportunity to design their outlook in addition to the services provided based on customer opinion.


5. Virtual Clothing Mirror


The increasing popularity of virtual reality applications also inspired giant brands to pursue innovation. Through the use of virtual clothing mirror technologies which have gained popularity in our country as well, customers are saved the trouble of trying on the clothes that they choose or avoid the long line-ups in front of the fitting rooms. Customers who use these technologies, which greatly reduce employee cost and operational costs in the stores, also prefer the same store again.


Indeed, there can be many examples. But with ever-developing technologies, digital signage products will continue to be a part of our lives in different areas. We will continue to follow up with these technologies and share them with you.