Innova’s in-house developed SLAM , the service level management solution, enables all processes related to service level agreements (SLA) between service providers and customers to be managed in TM Forum standards with a single application.

Innova SLAM proactively monitors service level agreements and commitments, automates reporting and monitoring processes, and increases the quality of services offered to customers with high-quality and efficient process management.

Innova SLAM's end-to-end SLA management approach enables service providers to perform level management of all services they offer to their customers through a single application and detect violations before they occur. Innova SLAM also allows creating customized processes for service level agreement violations, such as problem tracking, resolution, and customer notification.


Innova SLAM measures liabilities, detects violations, and ensures that necessary actions are taken and reported. It also manages subcontractor agreements with the end-to-end SLA management approach.

Jeopardy management enables creating early prevention mechanisms to prevent problems before they occur. The Dynamic Metrics adaptation module streamlines adding new metrics to the system and shortens the deployment time of services.

The customizable dashboard enables service providers to create unique graphical interfaces according to their changing needs and monitor the data matter most to them.



Innova SLAM offers the following benefits to service providers:

 Savings on Reporting Costs
SLAM reduces reporting costs and increases efficiency compared to the traditional agreement and contract tracking approaches.

 Proactive Infringement Prevention
SLAM detects and prevents violations before they occur with an instant monitoring mechanism.

 Special Offers
SLAM can offer different SLA packages to customers.

SLAM streamlines high-level SLA tracking by enabling all services to be monitored from a single point.

 Rapid Service Customization
SLAM shortens the time to market with its rapid service adaptation capabilities.

 Proactive Tracking
SLAM detects SLA violations before they occur and allows actions to be taken.

 Continuous Improvement
The opportunities for improvement become clear with the end-to-end, instant, and consistent measurement and reporting capabilities.

Functions & Features

 Jeopardy Management/Proactive Response
SLAM reduces penalty costs and improves service quality by preventing problems before they occur.

 Reporting & Dashboard
Automatic reporting reduces costs, and the customizable dashboard provides real-time data.

 End-to-End Monitoring
SLAM enables a more accurate impact analysis on contract commitments by following the end-to-end value chain from suppliers to the customer.


 SLA Process Tracking
SLAM automates the whole SLA process by managing customers' complaints on a process-based basis.

 Customer Specific SLA
SLAM provides service providers with the ability to offer custom SLA packages to their customers through accurate SLA measurement and reporting.

What is Service Level-Agreement (SLA) Management?

Service providers are obliged to establish services, resolve their malfunctions in a certain period, and provide an acceptable quality standard. Innova SLAM service level management solution enables the creation, tracking, and monitoring of service agreements between service providers and their subscribers and third parties, detecting violations and taking related actions. SLA management also monitors service providers' subcontracts for their services through suppliers, preventing potential problems and ensuring high-quality service is provided to customers.

İnnova SLAM not only checks compliance with contract terms. It informs the relevant units with in-app alarms, emails, and SMS before any violation occurs with the proactive monitoring process called Jeopardy Management to prevent violations before they are reflected on the customer.


A study conducted by Forrester research company revealed that the investment costs for SLA management systems are returned in only 20 months with the reporting savings these systems provide.


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