Sales Channels Management, Progress Payment and Communication Platform (SKY)

SKY is a platform developed for companies that have a vendor network or sales channels for the following purposes:

Effective Management of Vendors

  • Interactive Communication and Cooperation with Vendor Users
  • Collecting Vendor Performance Data and Vendor Dashboard
  • Vendor Sales Performance Goal Management
  • Flexible Premium Model
  • Reliable Transaction Based Premium Calculation Platform
  • A Performance Based Transparent and Traceable Progress Payment Model
  • Increasing Company Revenue


The SKY platform was developed with a modular structure and each module serves a different purpose to manage vendors. All companies owning different sales channels and field sales team organizations that sell products or services are the target audience of our SKY product. Also companies that use premium calculation by directing to regional managements in organized industry zones or areas with intense service use, are target audiences for our SKY product.


Benefits of the SKY Platform:

  • Provides savings in work force and time for sales team employees
  • A transparent and traceable Progress Payment Model
  • A flexible premium model and reliable Premium Payment Calculation Platform
  • Ability to reduce transaction errors to a minimum and Calculate Premium Payments without error
  • Flexible Integration Interface
  • Multi Company & Progress Payment Support
  • Access from a single point to all the information and documents that a sales channel needs
  • Ability to trace all the moveable and immovable inventory that is allocated to a channel
  • Ability to load all the channel information the company is tracking to the relevant stages of the processes
  • Ability to follow the information about channel products and services online
  • Feedback that can be collected through online surveys from channel employees

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