Central Fault Management System (MARS)

Innova’s in-house developed central fault management system MARS is equipped with advanced capabilities that enable all organizations serving their customers to manage customer and service failures more efficiently. With MARS, organizations can respond more quickly to problems affecting customers, inform their customers about the issue and as a result, minimize the problems that can adversely affect customer experience.

MARS provides critical benefits with its advanced capabilities not only for a sector, but also for all organizations that want to respond to the failures of services from telecommunications to energy, from content broadcasting to consumer electronics, from local governments to charities, that are provided over infrastructure, and to improve customer experience, per corporate service level agreements.


Innova MARS provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • Providing end-to-end complaint, fault and problem management from a single point 
  • To save time and labour,
  • Increased customer satisfaction,
  • Notification management at every stage of the fault process,
  • For more accurate decisions, provides reports with customizable details and frequency,
  • Quickly adapts the new requests and updates to automation.

Advanced Capabilities of Innova MARS

Innova MARS helps you realize world-class fault management with the advanced capabilities it has and increases customer satisfaction.

 Fault Management
Failure notifications are compatible with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and failure notification channels.

 Workflow Management
Failure processes are managed in a quick and agile way thanks to the Workflow Management Engine of Innova MARS. Traceable and manageable workflows enable your organization to manage customer breakdowns and complaints in the most effective way.

 Service Problem Monitoring and Management
It provides users with effective notification and escalation capabilities at critical stages in fault processes.

CFS & RFS Based Fault Management 
You can manage customer service failures through RFS resource groups located on the infrastructure on which the service is running flexibly. Which RFS to look at first for which complaint type and which RFS order to follow from which situations are presented in a fully configurable way.

 Strong Integration and Integrated Management 
MARS is compatible with the enterprise apps you currently use. Rich data that it provides can help you monitor failures and informs relevant systems at the end of the process. MARS provides the following integrated management capabilities: 

  • Fault notification and confirmation work integrated with customer relationship management system (CRM) and fault notification channels.
  • Organization and user management is compatible with ERP and IDM systems.
  • Fault data is enriched with integrations and problems are solved more effectively.
  • The team and work order management module work     with the workforce management system you currently use.
  • SLA calculations and other necessary data are automatically transmitted to the relevant systems.
  • The solution of service failures and problems is effectively managed by associating them with resource failures.


 Stats and Reports
Effective fault management is critical for ensuring customer satisfaction and corporate reputation. Innova MARS offers reports with rich content for effective management of fault management, detailed performance monitoring and making the right decisions. The reports MARS can provide are listed as follows:

  • Number of periodic failures
  • Distribution by complaint types 
  • Faults caused by force majeure, institution and customer 
  • Faults exceeding the SLA period
  • Malfunctions due to general interruptions and scheduled maintenance
  • Repeat faults
  • Repeat stages during a fault resolution 
  • Processing times during the breakdown process

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