Digitalize your processes by signing documents on a virtual environment with Innova Bioiz biometric signature solution. Save your valuable time and costs.

Biometric Signature for Employees and Customers

Innova’s locally developed biometric signature solution Bioiz brings numerous cost and security advantages for all sectors that have intense signature-based processes. Printing digital documents to sign, archiving wet-signed documents, or scanning to send them will not be needed with Bioiz. Biometric signatures carry the same validity as wet signatures and decrease waiting times for customers on both field and sales points, and stationery costs, paper waste, the need to archive manually and time. 

With Innova Bioiz,

  • You can save costs of paper, stationery, document duplication and posting,
  • You can save yourself from the trouble of searching for missed or lost documents, 
  • You will not need extra processes to destroy documents,
  • You will not need to physically archive documents,
  • You can prevent thousands of trees from cutting every year.

With a biometric signature, all documents that need a signature can be signed through a smartphone, tablet and compatible kiosks.

More Than Just a Digital Signature

Innova Bioiz is an advanced tech product that records personally unique and unimitable biometric data from signatures. Biometric signatures are saved to the system with X, Y, Z coordinates, slope, pressure, speed and acceleration data coming from the pen. 

Innova Bioiz has learning capabilities, so in the case of a signature owner not providing the identical signature, it can determine the signature owner correctly by looking at the nuances in the signature.

You can help your employees to sign the documents and your customers the contracts and the forms digitally with the biometric signature technology, that can be easily implemented and integrated into relevant systems.

Innova Bioiz biometric signature technology,

  • Brings the nearest possible experience to wet signature. 
  • Rules out forgery and unbeknownst usage of signatures. 
  • Carries no forgotten password or frequently password changing burdens.

The Most Secure Authentication

Innova Bioiz stores the signatures in a way that they can’t be altered and can only be valid with the signed document. Biometric signatures are protected with international security standards such as RSA and AES encryption technologies, and the whole process is secured with SSL network security.

Innova Bioiz encrypts and records each document with the signature with its exclusive algorithm. Thanks to this process, the unique signature is only valid with the document it is signed with. Even when the said signature is forged, there will be no validity and the forgery can be proven easily.

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