Smart Stores

Plan your route to growth with the smart store applications developed on the SkywaveloT platform

Evolving consumer habits are forcing the retail industry to change. A younger generation of consumers is facing information overload, and the constant stream of data draws them towards companies that give them better and more detailed information, or offer special offers and promotions tailored to their needs. In short, consumers prefer the companies that understand them best. This situation provides the opportunity for those that are able to collect and analyse data effectively to gain a great advantage.


The SkywaveIoT platform helps you to improve profitability and productivity, bolstering the link between retail stores and consumers through the use of new smart store applications.


Monitor consumer behaviors

The tools offered by the SkywaveIoT platform make it possible to monitor consumer behaviors, as well as the performance of employees and also of individual branches by sensors, cameras, smart signboards and personnel monitoring hardware deployed in various spots. This enables the development of solutions with unprecedented accuracy through a single system.


Eight questions answered by this solution:

  • How many people visit a particular store?
  • At what time or in which month or year is footfall highest?
  • Do promotions and campaigns help increase store traffic?
  • Which aisles or product lines are capturing customers' time?
  • What proportion of visits are converted into sales?
  • Is signboard visible enough and what is its effect on customers and visitors?
  • When do personnel check-in and -out of the store?
  • Is your personnel planning in line with changing customer traffic?

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