ATM Environment Monitoring and Control System

Manage your ATMs from a single point control center with low-cost field operations for uninterrupted self-service banking transactions.

Ensuring ATM's uninterrupted availability is critical to customer satisfaction, and this demanding operational process therefore requires great effort and considerable resources. Processes such as immediate detection of breakdowns and other potential problems, management of security risks, follow-up on Service Level Agreements require manpower by nature, making them more time-consuming and resource-demanding.


Even the most remote ATMs are right with you

ATM Environment Monitoring and Control System that is developed on Innova’s SkywaveIoT platform enables resources to be employed efficiently, by automating maintenance, repair, monitoring and intervene processes and by enabling remote management. This system, based on Internet of Things technologies, immediately conveys all relevant data to the right place in case of a service breakdown because of flood, adverse weather conditions or damage from unauthorised access. The overall need to respond on-site at ATM locations is reduced at every stage of operation.


Several features in one solution

Real-time monitoring and control: Continuous control of whether service parameters determined for ATMs are within acceptable control boundaries. Any problem is immediately conveyed to the central executive system.

Instantaneous error recovery: Any operational problem is detected and is reported instantly, enabling quick resolutions.

Reducing the risks with intuitive error control: Detailed analysis provides a forecast of where the next problems will occur based on error and failure records from earlier periods. This makes determining the source of chronic problems easier.

Operational resource savings: Long-distance management systems that save on personnel by making it possible to resolve some problems remotely or providing information on detected problems and helping to direct specialist personnel to fix others.

Maximum security: All unauthorised access to devices is managed with full access control and recordkeeping solutions. An alarm can be activated remotely to alert security teams.

Advanced monitoring and control systems empowered by the SkywaveIoT platform and Innova control card:

Interior and exterior cameras | heat and light sensors | fog sensor | motion sensor interior and exterior lighting | access control | uninterruptable power supply grounding | line voltage | air-conditioning