Visitor Acceptance Solutions

Solutions that make visitor acceptance and registration transactions easier and create a distinction in greeting are available at Innova…

The Visittouch visitor acceptance system, with which you can maintain security and measure visitation at locations like business centers, plazas and industrial complexes that get high volumes of visitors, can be used as a modern internet based application for keeping records of visitors in integration with employee carded passage systems. Vissitouch will show that you are a company that uses technology in the best way and provide you with a complete solution for visitor reports and issues like black lists.

What Can Visittouch Do?

For example;

  1. It can send e-mail notifications before a meeting.
  2. It can send reminder SMSs before a visit.
  3. Collective visitor records and reports can be obtained.
  4. It can provide the ability for visitors to open self service records.
  5. It can send SMS notification to the people that are to be met.


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