Unmanned Service Point Solution

The self service solutions that enable businesses to use human resources more efficiently are available in Kiosk Innova…

With the Unmanned Service Point (USP) solution developed for counter transactions like application and collection developed by Kiosk Innova businesses provide customers with the ability to take care of their counter transactions on their own in a shorter time.


Also if the company or organization obtains service support customers can be directly connected with the company call center on any problems they may have. The help desk enables customers to establish audio (by handset) or video (on the LCD screen) contact based on preference.


Advantages for customers / citizens:

  • Customers/citizens can take care of their business at the closest location without having to go to a branch/company.
  • Counter transactions can be taken care of 24/7 without being tied to business hours.
  • No more long lines to wait with quick transactions.
  • Whenever there is a problem the call center, if available, can be reached 24/7 for help.

Advantages for Companies:

  • Work Force resources (personnel) are used more efficiently.
  • All counter services like collection, application, etc. can be conducted.
  • Crowds waiting for transactions in the company buildings are prevented.
  • Not only can it be connected to the company’s infrastructure but can also be used for all online transactions.
  • Customer satisfaction will increase



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