Retail Kiosks

From sales to ticketing, guiding to payment in stores and online centers, all solutions are available at Kiosk Innova.

With the kiosk and digital signage solutions supported by the best hardware and software products of Kiosk Innova your customers are now even closer to you. You can transmit all messages you want to send to your target audience whenever you want, however you want and through one-way or touch screens enable your customers access to the information they are looking for.


In addition to the purpose of providing information, kiosk and digital signage systems can be used for a variety of different purposes in different fields like accessing online services, printing out tickets, and making payments by cash or credit card.


Marketing/Advertisement: Viewing corporate content and advertisements, new generation marketing applications


Information: Access to product and service information in the store or at the exhibition area


Guidance: Providing venue and access information in shopping centers and department stores


Self-Service Services: Internet access, banking and bill payment services, ticket sales and check-in transactions


Interactive Information Panel: Interactive information panels with touch screens

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