AvioFlex Ops Master

Innova’s integrated and unified solution for supporting operations center running 24x7.

Operation control centres (OCCs) are responsible for carrying out all the operations of the airlines 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Many of OCC tasks involve handling several factors at the same time, and represent some of the most critical business processes for companies responsible for organising hundreds of flights a day.


Operations Control Centre Management

AvioFlex Ops Master system has been specially developed to help airlines with their operations control centre management, and thus enable them to handle constantly increasing numbers of flights, aircraft and destinations. Ops Master offers the opportunity to monitor all flight operations from a single centre with an authorisation and reporting system that replaces email and all operational approval systems, thus streamlining the work of all business units.

AvioFlex Ops Master Advantages

  • Operation Handover Management
  • Station / Unit Request Management
  • Flight Log Management
  • Field Authorisation
  • ACARS and Delay Station Integration

Offering a world-class management support system for the digitalization of all necessary operation control centre processes.

  • Streamlines all operation control centre processes
  • Improves coordination between different units
  • Simplifies interventions in airport irregular operations (IROPS)
  • Digitalize all paper-based processes
  • Facilitates the central management of shift processes
  • Improves the centre’s management and reporting capabilities.
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