AvioFlex LIFUS Manager

A highly intricate process mandated for the Aviation industry, pilot and cabin crew trainings and inspections are digitalized and centralized with AvioFlex LIFUS Manager.


Mandated to abide by very high safety and service standards, the Aviation industry holds frequent trainings for pilots and the cabin crew. AvioFlex LIFUS Manager digitalizes this intricate process that is conventionally tracked and managed by evaluater on numerous separate paper forms. This new, digital product is easily integrated with existing systems and allows the training processes to be managed and tracked online, through a central structure.

    What Is AvioFlex LIFUS Manager?

    With increasing passenger numbers every other year, pilots and cabin crew have very tight on very tight and busy schedules. The stark differences between airliner models that comprise airline fleets necessitate different trainings for each of these individual models. Other than trainings for new airliner models added to the fleet, refresher trainings are provided for personnel following long-term administrative or ground operations assignments next to other leave of absences.


    LIFUS Manager includes all training processes provided for the cockpit and cabin crew. These trainings are conducted by pilots or chief cabin attendants who assume the role of training evaluater. Pilots who successfully execute a given number of flights are deemed to have completed their trainings and their status is re-assigned accordingly. Similarly, cabin crew are expected to fulfill their responsibilities to the highest standards.


    LIFUS Manager helps tracking which evaluater gave which training to which pilots and cabin personnel, along with success rates for each individual trainee. Spurring real-time management of processes, tablet devices increase operational efficiency for airlines.


    Flexible Solutions With Modular Structure

    AvioFlex LIFUS Manager is built on a modular structure, providing you with the flexibility to purchase any module of your choosing depending on the unique needs of your organization. With LIFUS Manager, you can easily track both the training flights and the control flights of the cockpit and cabin crews.


    Integrated Structure

    LIFUS Manager can easily be integrated with many of your existing systems. This ensures the integrity of all flight information, enables the direct transfer of forms to the central system and allows for real-time tracking of all processes.

    • Flight Planning System
    • Netline



    LIFUS Manager provides many unique benefits that help airlines stand out from the competition.


    All Records Digitized: All flight details and relevant training forms are ready to access on tablet devices. This way you will store your data in an orderly manner, and stay away from the impediment of preparing and carrying around paper forms.


    Expedited Evaluation Processes: The myriad of evaluation forms that were conventionally filled out on paper are now prepared by instructors on tablet devices, in a much faster manner.


    Information Security: The advanced mobile and web interfaces preclude the need to store sensitive user account information in the system and required security controls are executed by LIFUS Manager. Additionally, forms are no longer kept by trainee pilots themselves, but are rather stored on tablet devices and are left to the control of evaluators.


    Flight List Security: LIFUS Manager ensures that both the pilots and the evaluator are assigned to the correct flight during the training processes.


    Authorization Interfaces: LIFUS Manager provides customized authorization interfaces with respect to the status of the logged in personnel. This offers the best of both world, avoiding informational convergence next to potentially damaging intervention by unauthorized parties.


    Control Mechanisms: Each form is subject to stringent control mechanisms. Multiple control mechanisms, including system warnings, are put into place to avoid unfilled and missed out information on forms and the system.


    Process Tracking: With the LIFUS Manager, cockpit and cabin crew can monitor and follow-up on all LIFUS processes with ultimate convenience. The system offers advanced solutions that allow you to monitor the overall progress of trainees on a single screen, with regards to specific feedback from evaluators. Distinctive evaluation criteria for each individual candidate and their scores on these criteria are stored on the system. This allows the preparation of highly detailed, in-depth reports.


    Mobile and Web Compatible: LIFUS Manager is both mobile and web compatible. The data entry regarding forms that could not have been sent due to breakdowns and failures in tablet devices can be completed on the web. The mobile module is designed to work both online and offline.


    Streamline Status Changes: The integrated structure of the system facilitates the instant identification of all personnel who have completed their LIFUS processes. This will help you expedite the status change of personnel who have completed their processes and avoid idle times.


    Decrease Costs: With the preclusion of paper use, you will cut back on print and logistic costs while saving on precious time. These changes will further reflect very positively on your sustainability reports.


    LIEX Records: Any incidences that could potentially devoid the training can be specified within the system. All flights evaluated as LIEX by the evaluator are also registered in the system. This paves the way for process management by the training planning department.

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