AvioFlex Crew Duty

AvioFlex Crew Duty enables cabin crew to access all the flight information they need on their mobile devices.

Crew Duty offers a mobile platform bringing together pilots, flight attendants and other staff, and facilitating their access to all necessary details about their flights via a web portal or through their own mobile devices. The system greatly improves the flow of information between cabin crew and ground and helps to manage personnel operations with great accuracy.


Instant access to flight details

Designed to be completely accessible to the cockpit and cabin crew, the application facilitates easy search of personnel details, monthly schedules, certificate information, passport details, training information and medical data.

All current flight data on a single screen

Crew members can check their assigned flight duty, standby and activity notifications with Crew Duty application or through the Crew Duty Portal.


Flawless Integration

Crew Duty has been developed within a structure that integrates with the airlines’ aircrew management system, aircrew programming system, aircrew portal, and SMS and LDAP IT infrastructure modules. Furthermore, the product is completely compatible with crew planning systems.


The application allows crew members to:

  • View their personal details
  • Check their flight duties
  • Search past and future flight information
  • Display flight notifications
  • Be informed in the case of programme changes
  • Check-in via the Crew Check-in application

Advantages for the airlines:

  • Facilitates digitisation of paper-based operations
  • Instantly delivers up-to-date information to aircrew
  • Expands aircrew management abilities
  • Improves communication amongst the aircrew
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