AvioFlex Cabin+

Accelerate digital transformation of airline processes for operational excellence.

Aviation sector is faster and more efficient with AvioFlex Cabin+.

Airline companies are serving more and more customers every other year. International Air Transport Association (IATA) data indicate that by 2035, there will be over 7 billion passengers on scheduled flights around the globe. The impeccable execution of each and every one of these 42 million flights hinge on advanced in-cabin services next to an exceptional technical infrastructure. More frequent flights and longer airborne times take their toll on the Chief Flight Attendant just as much as pilots. Innova’s proprietary Cabin+ eases this burden on the Chief Flight Attendant and offers significant benefits to airlines.


What is AvioFlex Cabin+?

An industry that is notorious for fierce competition and razor-thin margins, playing the cost game efficiently can lead to savings totalling tens of millions of dollars for airlines. Therefore digital transformation applications that streamline processes offer sector players highly efficient management tools.


Additionally, the improved levels of service quality elevate customer satisfaction as well, helping airlines break through the clutter in this quality-oriented sector.

Cabin+ promotes the convenient management of the many pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight tasks to which Chief Flight Attendants should attend. Chief Flight Attendants are mandated to prepare a myriad of forms pertaining to numerous processes that take place at either one of these three stages and notify necessary parties properly. From supply provision to performance management, Cabin+ enables the easy management of all these processes over a tablet.


Meet AvioFlex Cabin+

Cabin+ is designed to help Chief Flight Attendants access all mission critical information conveniently, while easily and quickly preparing the myriad of documents mandated by strict regulations of the aviation industry. This product goes above and beyond the unique needs of the aviation sector and can be further customized to be perfectly aligned with your corporate brand.

Boost customer satisfaction

AvioFlex Cabin+ is equipped with rich features that will help you elevate customer satisfaction into unprecedented levels. Stand out from the crowd with these advanced features that empower the Chief Flight Attendant with valuable information that enables delivery of customer-specific services.


VIP Passenger Tracking: Let your Chief Flight Attendant identify and know in advance who the VIP passengers are. Provide information regarding their seats.

Loyalty Program Members: Chief Flight Attendants can identify inflight passengers who are members of your exclusive loyalty program. They can boost customer satisfaction by personalized notifications and engagements.

Connected Flights: Chief Flight Attendants can identify, in advance, any transit passengers that have transfer flights to catch, and customize their service accordingly.

Handicapped Passengers: Chief Flight Attendants will be informed about handicapped passengers on board and their specific conditions, tending to their needs at all times.

Infants: Be informed of our young guests onboard and make their day with small surprises like coloring books or toys.

Passengers By Occupatıons: Any loyalty program members within the passengers can easily be identified by the Chief Flight Attendant, along with personal information such as name, age and occupation. This enables the instant identification of any doctors in the cabin in cases of emergency, without having to make any announcements. The Chief Flight Attendant can directly go the doctor’s seat and ask for help, saving invaluable time.


Screen interfaces customized for airliner types

With the LOPA designer module, Cabin+’s screen interfaces are customized with respect to different airliner models and modification specifications. Airline personnel can make additions and/or revisions to these screens.


Compliant with international standards

Cabin+ is fully compliant with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards. The IATA-specified CDRM codes that identify unique types of failures are included in the Cabin+. All updates by IATA are automatically implemented into the system.


Tablet supply

Depending on the airliner’s request, Innova can supply up to thousands of tablets to run its solutions on.


Millions of happy customers and personnel

AvioFlex Cabin+ has been used by a wide array of clients, including both low-cost and premium airlines. Over 4 years since 2014, the system has been used in over 1.5 million flights by thousands of different personnel to serve nearly 250 million passengers. Symbolizing a digital touch on the road to higher comfort and issue-free flights, the breakthrough system is rapidly approaching its preliminary goal of 5 million flights and 1 billion passengers.

AvioFlex Cabin+’s modular structure displays the benefits of digital transformation to flight personnel and passengers.


  • Flight Brief: Your in-cabin personnel can access the extensive digital brief that includes all necessary information regarding the flight.
  • Cabin Sanitation Feedback: Register cabin hygiene records on tablets.
  • Boarding/De-Boarding Performance Measurement: Digitally measure the total time spent for passengers to board and get seated, authorize the whole process with a single click. Carry out the same process for the de-boarding stage after the landing.
  • Water Level Monitoring Charts: Automatically calculate and view the required volume of potable water to be used inflight according to flight duration and number of passengers. Make sure your personnel are duly informed if clean potable water cannot be supplied at your target destination. Minimize complaints from passengers pertaining to water shortage and enjoy unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Registration Books: Start registering and storing mandated records such as Maintenance Logs digitally and render this whole process more efficient and convenient. Any failures (like any damages to the seats, etc.) and other technical issues can instantly be recorded and processed, directly on tablets. Depending on the availability of inflight wireless connection, such failures can be reported inflight or right after landing.
  • Monitoring Meals: Keep track of all meals and drinks you serve passengers. Easily check how many units remained from your last flight and place orders accordingly.
  • Order Supply Process: Allow Chief Flight Attendants to easily, view and monitor orders pertaining to goods and supplies for passengers.
  • Line Information: Allow the cabin crew to easily access flight information.
  • Integration with Maintenance, Repaie and Overhoul Software: The Chief Flight Attendants can report issues or breakdowns regarding products and devices that fall within their jurisdiction like the seats or the kitchen. This way, the ground crew can be ready to act immediately upon landing.


AvioFlex Cabin+ can easily be integrated with many applications. This catalyzes data management and streamlines processes, precluding slowdowns, downtimes and outages. Some systems Cabin+ can be integrated with include;

  • Operation Control System
  • Crew Planning System
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhoul System (MRO)
  • Air Communication System
  • Performance Management System
  • Turnaround Management System


Chief Flight Attendants have never had it easier

AvioFlex Cabin+ improves and facilitates all processes under the responsibility of Chief Flight Attendants. With their tablet, it is much easier to prepare the numerous forms that need to be filled pre-flight and post-flight.

Weekly Calender: You can indulge Chief Flight Attendants with an easy-to-use scheduling tool on their tablet that contains information regarding their upcoming flights and places off-duty. Easily integrated into existing systems, this tool will enable Chief Flight Attendants to be in sync with any updates on their schedules – wherever they are.

Cabin Crew Performance Evaluation: Cabin+ allows Chief Flight Attendants to carry out the performance evaluation of their team members directly on the system.

Access To Updated Documentation: Updates and revisions on internal, technical and auxiliary documents including line information forms, announcements, bulletins and all handbooks stored in the central document management system will be automatically sent to the Chief Flight Attendant.

Flight Specific Announcements: Inform the Chief Flight Attendant about any specific announcements – including required vaccinations, etc. – regarding the target destination.

Key Benefits

1. Digital Transformation

Airline companies work on large-scale digital infrastructure and fully-integrated with various systems. Cabin+ carries this interaction inside the cabin.

2. Cost-Saving, Time-Saving

Cabin+ expedites time-consuming tasks that are obligatory for Flight Crew. This saving on time brings along significant savings on costs.

3. Eco-Friendly

Cabin+ saves up to 1.5 tonnes of paper, depending on the size of the airline company. Digitally stored documents decrease the aircraft gross weight, in turn reducing fuel consumption, shrinking environmental foot print and contributing to truly sustainable business practices.

4. Scalable Infrastructure

Cabin+ runs on a fully scalable infrastructure. This futureproofs the airline company, pulling down the incremental investment costs required for newly purchased airliners and newly hired Chief Flight Attendants

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