PayFlex Virtual POS Management

Cloud-based Innova PayFlex Virtual POS solution provides financial institutions with a low-cost collection channel while meeting their security and speed expectations.


Cloud-based Innova PayFlex Virtual POS solution eliminates the need for organizations to invest in software or hardware and provides integration with 13 banks at once. Organizations can easily manage all their transactions without making any changes or additional investments to their systems in the face of legal obligation changes.



Instant Collection Without Hesitation

PayFlex Virtual POS prevents merchants from experiencing transaction loss and customer dissatisfaction due to bank-related problems. If there is an issue with the Virtual POS system of any of the banks during the shopping process, PayFlex Virtual POS forwards the transaction to the Virtual POS systems of other banks. You do not pay for invalid transactions made through PayFlex Virtual POS, only successful transactions are billed.


Fast and Secure Transaction

Innova has carried out payment systems projects with many large financial institutions around the world and now offers the rich features and flexible integration structure of the PayFlex platform, which is the basis of all its fintech solutions, to its customers with the Virtual POS product. All security protocols required by Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode certificates are applied in the process of deducting the amount from the credit/debit card and transferring the money to the account, as well as SSL 128-bit encryption. All transactions are completed at the high-security level determined by international standards. The system minimizes the risk of data loss caused by human error and offers the most secure solution for all organizations. PayFlex Virtual POS has PCI-DSS 3.1 certification, the highest level in international security standards.


Seamless Integration with Various Infrastructures

PayFlex Virtual POS facilitates the integration of virtual stores with its rich integration components. The solution supports all Windows, Linux, and Unix-based platforms used by virtual stores, alongside all commonly used WEB servers. Innova presents all NET, Java, PHP, ASP integration components with code samples and documentation. Thanks to Innova's knowledge and experience in payment systems, PayFlex Virtual POS has become a solution that covers the needs of organizations and banks that provide credit card provisioning services. Innova offers PayFlex Virtual POS solution as an outsourcing service with its SaaS infrastructure as well as licensing. The key benefit of having the solution with a cloud infrastructure, which can be shaped according to the scale and operational conditions, is that organizations do not need to invest to use this software. This approach allows businesses to reduce their collection costs and increase their earnings.


All-Inclusive Package

PayFlex Virtual POS also provides a Credit Card Storage service that is secure and compliant with international standards such as PCI DSS Level 1. There is no additional charge for foreign currency collection transactions. The pricing offer is presented based on the estimated number of transactions in one-on-one meetings. Transactions made via PayFlex Virtual POS are billed in Turkish Lira.


Instant Collection via E-mail and SMS

Organizations can send payment links to their customers for collection via SMS and email with PayFlex Vpos Client.
You can specify the amount to be collected and the date range for which the link will be valid from the administration panel and send a single or collective payment link to your customers. You can also generate links more than once or for single use. You can complete your collections quickly and safely with this link.





  • PCI-DSS 3.1 Level 1 (Payment Card Data Security Standard) certificate
  • EMV 3-D Secure Version 2.2.0 certification
  • 3D Secure supported
  • Customizable checkout page
  • Free card storage feature
  • Performance optimization with the ability to work on multiple servers
  • Quick and easy integration with the integration components provided to merchants for .NET, Java, and PHP platforms
  • Ability to process credit and debit cards
  • Support for transactions with card points
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